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Over the course of my obsession with food and weightloss, I think that I have read just about all literature and heard every line about how to achieve wellness.  A comment today sat me on my arse and made me think hmmmm.  

What was that comment you ask? It was a reply to a post on an online forum about healthy eating that told the poster if she wanted to ensure her diet was healthy, then she needed to go through her cupboard and fridge and throw out the junk.  That wasn’t the mind blowing statement.  This was: If you think it’s bad for you, then you shouldn’t be giving it to your kids either. read more

FFS Friday 20th January 2012

Here we are again.  It’s the verbal diarrhoea known as FFS Friday.  It is quite possibly my favourite time of the week because I get to ranty rant and it’s the norm 🙂

This week the weather has been insane! I wish it would just make up it’s mind.  On Sunday we were in jumpers and tracksuit pants (oh so glamorous) and right now I am naked and still sweating!  FFS read more

A little compassion ploise

One of the major things that stopped me from going to classes at the gym was that I didn’t want to be the fat chick struggling through the class while all the gym bunnies breezed through it.  How I was wrong.  You know what? I am glad that I am wrong…at least at my gym anyway. read more

Here’s a scary thought….

On the weekend I learnt a few things about the food I ‘love’ and just what it takes to burn those ‘loves’ off.  I also learnt that a good rest is vital for walking up a mountain….a hangover is not.
So this….. + =

I also discovered that if I want to enjoy my Grand Angus with Large Fries then I need to do a hell of a lot of exercise to stay in front and still lose weight.  A Grand Angus and Large Fries is worth 1085 calories….today I did a pump class and walked 6km while pushing Mini Man and burnt 1248 cals….Scary isn’t it. read more