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You want to put crystals where?

For something different I have decided to do a readers choice every Thursday.  This week is bought to you by Ann over at Help!! I’m Stuck!! and she has chosen the very bling topic of VAJAZZLING. 

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for trashy tv.  Especially when I have had a shithouse day.  There’s nothing better than settling in front of the tv with my laptop and watching some tv that doesn’t require me to use my brain.  I love a good who-dunnit but when life has been kicking my arse all day, the last thing I want to be doing is thinking while watching tv. read more

Put some clothes on yo!

It’s FFS Friday today so I have my ranty pants on.  Unlike the teen female population however, my pants are big, baggy and sufficiently cover my arse.

I got to my local shopping centre fairly regularly and my eyes are always assaulted with what seems to be the new fashion of leggings as pants and short shorts.   read more

Hard Work

Whoever said hard work never hurt anyone obviously hasn’t seen my hand :s  It’s my mouse clicking finger too so it’s really hurting like a bitch.

To try and ‘pass the time’ I’ve started weeding.  Yes she who detests the outdoors is weeding her backyard.  Don’t worry this is most likely only a short lived endevour and my yard will go back to the jungle it once was again. read more