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FFS Friday 11th July 2014

I haven’t done one of these for a while, but after dealing with 3 different phone waiting systems I decided now was as good a time as any!

Last month I got a ridiculously large phone bill because I was charged for stuff I didn’t use FFS

I decided to keep any eye on my bill for this month (I always do anyway) and when it appeared this month..once again I had been overcharged for the same things FFS read more

I think I might be a man

The following post looks at the stereotypes that men and women face.  These stereotypes are often black and white, not taking into account the feelings of individuals.  Stereotypes are just as harmful to mental health as stigma.  The thought that a man or a woman must act a certain way has often been attributed to the difficulties people feel in asking for help.  A man is expected to ‘man up’ and not feel depressed while a woman in hormonal and irrational, not to be taken seriously. read more

Stop Hating the Princesses


Mr 4 loves the move Tangled.  I’ll be honest and admit that it’s one of my favourite new Disney movies too.  Not everyone loves the Disney Princesses though and I think they might be getting a bit of a bad rap.

Sometimes I feel like maybe there is a little too much adult input into what the underlying message a movie is trying to our young children.  Recently Peppa Pig came under fire for promoting Feminist Ideals because the female characters in the show had jobs.  I asked Mr 4 what he thought Peppa Pig was about..his answer was pretty simple *jumping in muddy puddles* read more

A New Breed of Stupid

Kirsty is jetsetting in New Zealand, no doubt having the time of her life so Ms Mystery Case put a call out to the regular confessors for an impromptu I must confess.

I must confess that I worry about the world we live in.  Not just in a ‘there is so much evil’ kind of way but I worry about the stupidity that is allowed to rule.  I worry about the giant cotton wool balls that are rolling around.  Not just the ones on the children, but the ones on grown adults who are passing the blame.  Paul often says that we are breeding a world of idiots who don’t know the value of common sense. read more

Housos live next to me!

Sometimes I feel like I live next this lot!

Sometimes I feel like I live next this lot!

Welcome to another get together at The Lounge! I hope you will settle in for a drink or too and stay around to share a tale! This week I want to know all about your neighbours.  I’m nosy like that!

I live in a housing commission house.  Because they like to jam as many houses into one area as possible, I also have the *joy* of having 4 neighbours.  When I first moved in, I couldn’t have asked for better neighbours.  Sure we had our ups and downs, like the banjo playing mormons and the women who used to flog my catalogues but overall it was nothing to really complain about. read more