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The day science was ruined

Last week I read this post by Eva from The Multitasking Mummy about teachers and how they can help students to learn, just by being who they are.  It got me thinking about the teachers that I had over the period of my schooling and the impact that they had on my schooling life.  Then Kirsty asked us to share the subject we loathed at school and it was like the universe was colliding, in a good way this time. read more

Depression can’t be cured in 8 weeks

Yesterday I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when an update from a media call out company caught my eye.  The headline read ‘Australian Company has designed program to cure depression sufferers in under 8 weeks’.  The callout has since been removed from the website but the company is still insisting they can cure depression in under 8 weeks. read more

The celebrity culture of mental illness

Over the weekend, one of the trending topics on Facebook was Amanda Bynes and her involuntary admission to a psychiatric inpatient unit.  Reports are that her agent has let the media know that this is true.  Speculation is pretty rife at the moment about why she is there, what led to it and of course her past is being brought up all over the place.  This post is about Amanda though, this post is about the celebrity culture and mental illness. read more