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6 tips to make the school run easier

school tips

It’s term 2 of school and I think we’ve finally managed to ease ourselves into a sort of routine.  There seems to be less yelling, stress and we’ve managed to make it to the bus stop every day this week.

Of course Murphy’s Law says that it will all come crashing to the ground in the near future but for now I am basking in my organised glory.  I’m not selfish though and want to share the love around, so here are my tips for getting your kids ready for school, without tearing all of your hair out. read more

A glimpse into our world

Welcome to The Lounge! Grab a drink, settle in and get ready to share a story.  This week the theme is freestylin’ so it’s up to you what you link up!  Remember to comment on other posts, and share the comment love.  This week I am doing a bit of a mish mash of what has been going on in our life at the moment. read more

If I was Prime Minister…


Last week a report was leaked which contains recommendations to the current government for changes needed to the mental health system.  This report was commissioned in 2013 while the current government was in opposition and sources have said that the government has had the report since November last year but had failed to make the review public. read more

A whole bunch of WTF

Welcome to The Lounge!  Grab a drink, take a seat and set yourself up for some story telling.  This week the theme is ‘things that make you go hmmmm‘.  If you’ve already written about this before then don’t worry we accept vintage posts too! read more