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Sway Away

sway trees

She was rushing again.  Lately it felt like someone had pressed the fast forward button.  There was barely time to do everything she needed, and the days were melting into one another.  She longed for the quiet days.

She barely remembered what her husband looked like.  It felt like weeks since they had sat down and had a proper conversation.  They were like ships in the night, passing each other silently, only their shadows giving away their positions.  She longed for his touch, but they felt worlds apart. read more

Water Baby

water baby

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All of my best memories about Summer and the Sunshine involve water.  Whether I’m swimming in it, dancing through it or wishing for it, water is there to create the memories that always make me smile.

On Friday night we were sitting in the garage, as we usually do on the weekend.  It’s usually much cooler out there, and it’s nice to watch the world go by.  However on Friday it just wasn’t hitting the spot.  It was muggy, there wasn’t a breeze at all and the flies had moved in.  Still, it was cooler than inside. read more


Welcome to another week of Sunshine Sunday.  This week the theme is laughter.  It is completely up to you how you interpret that theme.  You can share a photo, a story or absolutely anything.

Today is just a short one, because at 2am this morning I realised that I had written anything.  I want to share a picture of laughter, one that brings a smile to my face every time I see it.  A child laughing is one of the best sounds too.  Especially once they start to do that really deep belly laugh.  It’s my favourite sound so I have included a video of kids laughing! read more