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Self harm images

*The following post discusses self harm.  Please ensure that you are in a safe place mentally before reading.  If you are feeling unsafe please ask for help. Lifeline 13 11 14, a friend, your GP.*

People with struggle with self harm urges often use various distraction techniques to help ward off the distressing thoughts.  Sometimes it is about getting through the next minute, then the next.  One of those techniques is often social media.  However social media, and the internet in general can also hinder efforts to distract yourself. read more

Flowers for everyone


When someone has a baby, they are diagnosed with cancer or find themselves in hospital for a range of physical illnesses they are sent flowers, the office chips in for a present and get well cards are sent.  I don’t begrudge them receiving gifts, of knowing that people are thinking of them and they care enough to send something.  When someone is in a mental health inpatient ward, the flowers are few and far between, if people even know you are there at all. read more

Borderlines & the people who love us

I regularly Google the name of my blog to check where I have been mentioned that I may have missed.  The results are usually positive link backs and I’m glad to be part of such a supportive blogging community.  Today I discovered my blog and the radio interview I did as part of Mental Health Week linked on a blog that is so far removed from what I am trying to achieve here. read more