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Things the CPAP Machine has taught me

For just over 2 weeks I have been using a CPAP machine to help me breathe while I sleep.  It’s been an interesting couple of weeks, that’s for sure.  I’ve learned a few things about my breathing and my sleeping habits.

I had no idea whether I breath out of my nose or my mouth.

Do you know, without thinking about it, whether you breathe out of your nose or your mouth?  I had no idea, hence why I have a full mask. read more

Sleep Patterns

This week the prompt for I Must Confess is sleep.  I have written a few posts about sleep here on the blog.  Sleep and the musings household aren’t really on talking terms at the moment because one of the members of the house has decided that we really don’t need it around anymore. read more

FFS Friday First for 2013!

FFS Friday time again!  The holidays give ample opportunity for plenty of FFS moments.

It has been ridiculously hot here this week. Looking at the weather forecast you would think that the temperatures aren’t too bad but we live in Rockhampton. The humidity fucks you over. I have sweat pouring off me at 9am in the morning FFS read more

The importance of sleep

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Any parent will be able to recite to you the effects of sleep deprivation.  Whether it’s a long term issue or one night after months of being a perfect sleeper, we’ve all felt it.  The term walking zombie comes to mind.

Sleep is so important to good mental health.  Of course it’s always easier said than done.  When you have sole care of a small child, you can’t just pop a sleeping pill and hope for the best.  At least not without knowing how well it works first.  The trouble with not being able to sleep is that for me it’s often too late to even contemplate taking medication…I have enough trouble getting out of bed in the morning as it is. read more