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Lingerie Football

Welcome to Reader’s Choice Thursdays.  This is our third week and so far I have learnt so much. The most important thing I have learnt however is to not tweet while watching trashy tv if I still don’t have a topic or a certain blogger (I’m not mentioning any name *cough cough* will take it with both hands and I’ll be writing about vjazzling or like this week….Lingerie Football. read more


It’s Thursday again and you know what that means….it’s readers choice.  This week was a bit of a curly one and I really struggled with how to approach the writing of it.  I didn’t want to write and comment on a story that wasn’t mine but I still wanted the person to feel like I had acknowledged their choice.  Normally I just sit down and write but this one needed and deserved some more thought. read more

You want to put crystals where?

For something different I have decided to do a readers choice every Thursday.  This week is bought to you by Ann over at Help!! I’m Stuck!! and she has chosen the very bling topic of VAJAZZLING. 

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for trashy tv.  Especially when I have had a shithouse day.  There’s nothing better than settling in front of the tv with my laptop and watching some tv that doesn’t require me to use my brain.  I love a good who-dunnit but when life has been kicking my arse all day, the last thing I want to be doing is thinking while watching tv. read more