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Not all awareness is good

Slacktivism via social media has been a hot topic for a while now.  There is always a ridiculous chain message going around that tells you to post something as your status in order to raise awareness for a cause.  These messages are spread either through private message or via a ‘please repost’ status update.  The worst part of these updates?  Most people don’t seem to even check the details before hitting share. read more

The day the universe laughed

On Monday it was abundantly clear that the Universe hated me, at least when it came to food.  I was trying my hardest to actually put in effort to eat responsibly but the Universe was having none of that rubbish.

It all started the night before.  I couldn’t sleep, not a single wink.  I tried and all that happened was I was left staring at the ceiling.  At 530am I gave up and decided to get up, figuring that I could enjoy the quiet time to catch up on some blogging.  I also figured that since I was awake, I may as well eat some breakfast. read more

FFS Friday 21st March 2014

It’s been a while since I have had a good old FFS Friday rant.  I don’t know why..a rant is as good as a holiday..or something.

Last week I went by train to see my best friend.  I missed luggage check-in by 1 minute FFS

I saw that there was Chicken Caesar Salad on the lunch menu.  I may have got myself psyched up about it.  The woman sitting next to me got the last one FFS read more

There’s a word for that

One of the things that annoys me most about the media is the misconception they allow to breed by the misuse of psychiatric terms.  Up until recently I included crazy in that word pool. However my psychologist made a great point when she said that it isn’t a term that is used in the psychiatric field and so it had no bearing on the stigma.  I still think it’s a word that has certain privileges but it’s not the stigma fueled argument I once had. read more

A New Breed of Stupid

Kirsty is jetsetting in New Zealand, no doubt having the time of her life so Ms Mystery Case put a call out to the regular confessors for an impromptu I must confess.

I must confess that I worry about the world we live in.  Not just in a ‘there is so much evil’ kind of way but I worry about the stupidity that is allowed to rule.  I worry about the giant cotton wool balls that are rolling around.  Not just the ones on the children, but the ones on grown adults who are passing the blame.  Paul often says that we are breeding a world of idiots who don’t know the value of common sense. read more