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It’s Party Time.

It’s Dyllan’s 3rd birthday on the 19th of July and this year I have decided to throw him a party this year.  I am going with a ‘Construction’ theme and have been scouring Ebay looking for fun stuff to decorate my house with.  My Aunty said that I am going to too much trouble for his birthday and it got me thinking about the trouble that people really do go to, to celebrate their kids birthdays. read more

Expert Schmexpert

From the moment you find out you are with child….every man, woman and child has an opinion on what you should and how you should do it.  Some suggestions just insult a person’s common sense and others are little gems of knowledge.

Quite possibly the best piece of advice I received while pregnant was:  read more


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Over the course of my obsession with food and weightloss, I think that I have read just about all literature and heard every line about how to achieve wellness.  A comment today sat me on my arse and made me think hmmmm.  

What was that comment you ask? It was a reply to a post on an online forum about healthy eating that told the poster if she wanted to ensure her diet was healthy, then she needed to go through her cupboard and fridge and throw out the junk.  That wasn’t the mind blowing statement.  This was: If you think it’s bad for you, then you shouldn’t be giving it to your kids either. read more