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Shopping Tales

shopping with kids

I must confess that I kind of enjoy going grocery shopping with Mr 4.  Now before you completely write me off as gone round the bend let me explain.

I receive my centrelink payments on a Friday (I have them staggered so I receive a payment each week instead of each fortnight) and Mr 4 goes to daycare on a Friday so I do have the opportunity to do the shopping on my own, I just choose not to.  I usually do my shopping on a Sunday afternoon or a Monday, with Mr 4 along for the ride. read more

Toilet Roll Christmas Tree

Recently a friend shared this on their Facebook Page.  I have been saving toilet rolls for a while and was looking for something to do with them so a Christmas Tree seemed like a great idea!  I am in no way artistically inclined and I found it so easy so those who are a whole lot better at this stuff should find it a breeze! read more

How to be a Hot Mummy Blogger

I’m a mummy blogger. I kind of fail at it most of the time because I think this whole motherhood caper is mother trucking hard.  I write the occasional recipe and household ‘tip’ aka how to avoid it and why I hate it so much.  Really the only thing that makes me fit the old stereotype mold of mummy blogger is that I have a child who is along for the joy ride.  read more

The REAL affordable gift guide.

Now that we are on the countdown to the fat man visiting, it’s time to start thinking about what to get our loved ones.  Or the people you have to get gifts for.  I’ve seen a few gift lists getting around already but I haven’t found one that is in the budget of struggle street.  I couldn’t give Devil Spawn the gifts I do without the joys of Christmas Layby.  For everyone else, I usually do a mad dash in the month before Christmas by trying to find shit that is cheap but doesn’t look it. For the Devil Mama: Retro Slushy Machine, Kmart: $39 As soon as I saw this baby in Kmart I knew I had to have one. So I could share with the whole family. Ah hell who am I kidding, my first thought was ‘Woo vodka slushies’. Slushy Magic, Big W: $14.86 Slushy without the mess? You had me at hello. This bad boy would be great for more vodka slushies.  Nom nom nom

Mighty Peep-Toe Heel, Target: $50
I love a hot pair of heels. Sadly they do not love me.  I would buy these just to walk around the house in!

A6 Patten Journal, Typo: $6.95

 It’s no secret that I love notebooks. When Typo opened up near me I nearly wet my pants with excitement. It was a porn shop for the stationary lover.  I could spend hundreds in there. Then my bank balance kindly reminds me, calm down fuck head you haven’t got enough money to buy all the things.

For the Devil Papa read more