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You’re Awesome, I’m Awesome, We’re all Awesome

This week Kirsty gave us the prompt of ‘Social Faux Pas’.  I’m going to put a little bit of a spin on it.  Australians are kind of known for their tall poppy syndrome.  Anyone who is seen to be talking positively about themselves is called a big note, skite or full of themselves.  I want to turn that on it’s head. read more

LOVE Organic Beauty Review: I’m a laaaddyy

*I was sent 3 products from LOVE Organic Beauty.  All opinions are my own*

I must confess that when it comes to putting on a face…I am still very much ‘faking it till I make it’.  I have no freaking idea what I am doing 90% of the time, despite loving the effects when I make an effort.  Sometimes it feels like some women are born with the gene that allows them to put make up on effortlessly, looking a million bucks and there are people like me… read more

Selfishness and Parties

 A conversation on twitter yesterday got me thinking about my 21st.  In Australia the big parties seem to be the 18th, 21st and then the decades there after.  My 18th was pretty non event so I was holding out for my 21st.  The universe however had other ideas. I was 6 months pregnant with Devil Spawn for my 21st so my birthday was a no alcohol for me event.  I wanted to just go to the local pool and laze around in my giant pregnant state but apparently that was unfair to all of my other able to drink guests. Whatevs read more