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School Daze

I loved school before the hormones hit.  I still loved it after, I just hated the rules.  I hated that I had gone from a big fish in a school with 60 students to a very small fish in a school with over 300 students.  I felt lost and a lot of the subjects that I loved as a primary school student became a place of stress and anxiety. read more

No unflattering pictures here

This week the theme for I must confess is unflattering photos.  I thought about it for about 5 minutes and decided that there was no way in hell I was posting a photo that I wasn’t happy with on the internet.  I mean sure..I post drunk selfies all of the time but that is completely different.  I can’t explain why, it just is. read more

You take care of yours, I’ll take care of mine

Image credit

Image credit

This morning Mia Freedman posted this article about Kim Kardashian, slamming her for posting a photo of herself in a swimsuit with a bit of side boob and her arse in the air, all while being a mother.  Personally, I have seen more flesh at my local shopping centre but that’s not the issue. read more

Good Customer Service Isn’t Lost

Mornin’ Loungers.  Welcome to another opening of the bar, sit down, grab a drink, share a tale or two.  This week want to know about your customer service stories.

I had originally planned to write about the awesome service I received at QT while I was at Problogger but yesterday I got impeccable service a little closer to home and decided to share the local love. read more

Fairies don’t wear shoes

I love getting dressed up in costume. No I’m not talking about the bedroom you dirty minded people! I’m talking the kind that you can wear out in public.  Although some girls get the two mixed up.  In the town that I grew up in, Halloween parties were an excuse for everyone to go all out. It was great fun to see everyone dressed up. read more