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Random Post

I decided to have a bit of fun and went searching for random post ideas and stumbled across this site.  There was pages, upon pages of post ideas. This one however caught my eye and I decided to give it a go 🙂=&0=&  This song takes me straight back to my dark bedroom when I was teen. Music blaring in my earphones.  Jogging on the spot for the biscuit that I dared to eat.  In front of a mirror, so I could see everything that I hated.=&1=&

Crisis Schmisis

Last night I realised the positive power of social media and once again the short falls of my local after hours crisis centre.  I am both amazed and appalled that women who I have never met IRL helped more than trained ‘professionals’. read more

Approaching the Unapproachable

Off Tuesday’s post, how do you approach the subject of mental illness?  How do you ask someone if everything is alright without offending?  The answer: I have no idea….only you do.

I guess I should elaborate on that statement.  The truth is, everyone is different, what may offend me may be no worries to Joe Blow down the road.  Only you know the person you are talking to.  You know the best way to approach the unapproachable.  All I can give insight into is what I’ve found helpful and not so helpful. read more