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February Goals

I promised that I would keep every one up to date with my goals for this year.  I have already found a few hiccups in my plan, but that is the beauty of goals, you can always reevaluate to make them more attainable.

The thing that I am seeing a change in is how I see the goals.  I am more lax, while still keeping my eye on the prize.  I have removed the guilt and realised that I do have limitations and that my goals need to suit me, not anyone else.  I also noticed that on the days when I sat down and wrote myself a to do list, that I was achieving more.  Without that guiding me, I was kind of floundering and not really getting a whole lot done. read more

Don’t forget the little ones

It’s been over 3 years since I started blogging.  The world of blogging has changed and grown so much over that time.  I’ve spoken before about the things that you need to successful in the blogging world, the things that can’t be bought or read in a book.  Many of the guides also delved into the world of social media, and how you need it to grow your blog.  It would seem that you can’t have one without the other. read more

10 Tips to Make Your Life Easier!

life hacks

Everyday life can be a bitch sometimes.  It can really get you down and it can feel like there is a never ending pile of stuff to do.  Here are my tips to help life run that little bit more smoothly.

    1. Declutter during the ad breaks.  I hate cleaning. I have made no secret of that fact, so I tend to procrastinate about doing it all of the time.  I found that doing it in lots of small increments makes it feel like less.  So I get up during the ad breaks and clear a space. It’s amazing what you can get done in the space of an hour long TV show!
    2. Write your shopping list in the notes section of your phone.  I always take my phone with me when I leave the house but I rarely remember to take a note if I have written it on a piece of paper.  Plus I usually have my phone with me when I am at home so I can add stuff to it as I think of it.
    3. If your child wants to have an hour long bath, let them.  Seriously.  Mr 5 is his most happy when he is in the bath. It’s generally a quiet and calm time of the day.  I will even chuck him in the bath in the middle of the day if he is not in a particularly good mood.
    4. Pay your bills weekly. This has been the best budgeting decision I have ever made. I love that I have little bills arrive now instead of trying to work out how I am going to both eat and pay my bills at the end of the month.
    5. Make and freeze sandwiches.  Obviously this only words with spreads, but I make up a batch of sandwiches when bread is on sale so that Mr 5 will always have sandwiches for Kindy.  Especially on those days when time is not on your side.
    6. Empty bottles can be used to separate eggs.  This one wasn’t created by me.  It’s hard to explain so I will give you this video.  It definitely works. It was a life saver while cooking all of the stuff for Mr 5’s party.

    7. Have separate toy bins for different types of toys.  This one might seem like a no brainer but it really does save a lot of time, especially when getting little hands to help you clean up.  It’s easy to create a game out of cleaning up when you can tell your child that they have to put all of the cars in the red bucket, and not just boring old throw all of the toys in that toy box.  You can also make it a race for those competitive kids. read more

Radiant Return: Review/Giveaway

*I received one box of Radiant No Sort Powder for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own*

I must admit that when it comes to doing the washing I take as few short cuts as possible.  The only sorting I do is towels and clothes.  I pretty much suck at keeping the whites white and I don’t really take notice if a new pair of jeans or a bright top has been thrown in with them.  There have been some interesting colours come out of the wash! read more