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Say it like you mean it

Edenland This week is all about saying sorry…for anything and everything.

I’m sorry that I was in to the too hard basket.  I’m sorry that you’re easy fix didn’t work.  I’m sorry that I push anyone away who gets too close.  I’m sorry that I still think about hurting myself even though you think I shouldn’t. read more


I’m linking up tonight with Edenland for her newest Saturday adventure: Fresh Horses Brigade. This week it’s all about Handwriting.  

All through school my weekly reports used to read ‘Tegan would do better if her handwriting was neater.’ I would have to practice perfect cursive and I hated it.  Ironically I now still use cursive when I write.  The ‘f’ is my favourite letter to write in cursive, I love how it just flows into the word. read more