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Layered Ice Cream Cake

How’s the weather at your place?  The Sunshine has definitely been shining here, pity it seems to have brought along his friend humidity.  I’m melting can be heard regularly coming from my mouth!  Along with the cooler weather disappearing, it seems that my desire to eat much that is hot has jumped out the window too.  So I thought it would be perfect to talk about desserts for this weeks Sunshine Sunday. I considered making and sharing a few different recipes, like this Clinker Slice from Lucy at Bake Play Smile, or maybe these Cherry Ripe Balls from Lauren at Create Make Bake and I even trawled through the Dessert board on my Pinterest account.  Nothing seemed to jump out at me though and I wanted something that was cold, as well as yummy.  I also didn’t want to be standing in my hot kitchen for too long! I finally settled on an Ice cream cake.  I made one for Christmas Day a couple of years ago and it was delicious.  Unfortunately I lost the recipe so this one was made from scratch.  The recipe that I have is to fit into a loaf tin.  If you want a bigger cake, just use more ice cream.  Also you can buy triple chocolate ice cream which has vanilla, chocolate and dark chocolate icecream.  If you don’t have the room, you can buy this instead of the vanilla and chocolate separately.  I didn’t measure the ingredients that I mixed with the ice cream either, I just added them until it looked like a decent mix. read more

Easy Gnocchi Recipe

This week for I must confess, Kirtsy is asking us to share our go-to recipe for when we need to whip something up quickly.  I contemplated sharing my *real* go-to food when I don’t feel like cooking by I fear that would result in a pretty quick post!  So instead I am sharing a nice pasta recipe that is a winner for me (and a little adaption for Mr 5). read more

The day the universe laughed

On Monday it was abundantly clear that the Universe hated me, at least when it came to food.  I was trying my hardest to actually put in effort to eat responsibly but the Universe was having none of that rubbish.

It all started the night before.  I couldn’t sleep, not a single wink.  I tried and all that happened was I was left staring at the ceiling.  At 530am I gave up and decided to get up, figuring that I could enjoy the quiet time to catch up on some blogging.  I also figured that since I was awake, I may as well eat some breakfast. read more

How to keep mentally well with diet and exercise

Welcome to The Lounge!  This week the theme is Food and I have a guest post from Kylie Ofiu about how she uses diet and exercise to manage her mental health. 

Before I start, I want to be clear that I don’t think diet and exercise should replace medication or professional help completely. They do have a significant effect on your mental health, but since conditions vary greatly, it is always best to use medication if needed and continue to get professional help. read more

Sweet Nothings

I must confess that when things go pear shaped for me I don’t really turn to food for comfort.  Much to the disbelief of a previous doctor that believed that all overweight people must be eating their feelings.

When I feel blah or meh I tend to not eat at all.  Especially if it’s just Mr 5 and I here.  I tend to get food for him, but find the whole process of getting food for myself too much to contemplate.  I stare aimlessly into the fridge and pantry.  If nothing jumps out at me..aka is ready made then I don’t really bother. read more