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7 confessions of the micro kind


This week for I Must Confess the theme is micro confessions.  This one is my favourite because it’s like a brain dump.  I love being able to just write some little confessions, ones that don’t have enough behind them to warrant a whole post of their own and be done with it.  Plus a good cleanse does amazing things for the soul.  True fact. read more

I miss my laptop

Welcome to The Lounge for another week.  If you follow me on any social media then you will know that I am down a laptop.  So this week I am being completely materialistic and I want to know what things you can’t do without.

This week I am writing to you from my dinosaur laptop.  It has taken an hour for me to get to this point, but man am I glad to be typing on a normal keyboard and seeing the words flowing as fast as my thoughts.  I tried to use a keyboard with my Ipad but the keyboard was too little and my fingers were pressing every button expect the one I wanted.  I used it to write the first paragraph of this post and those 3 sentences took me 10 minutes! read more

Boredom Busting

I have a bit of a confession to make Loungers…this weeks prompt is a completely selfish pick on my part so I really hope that someone has some boredom busters for us!

Mr 5 isn’t at school yet (he missed the cut off by 19 days!) so school holidays don’t have a direct impact on us yet.  Beside the parks being that little bit busier, it’s business as usual here as Mr 5 goes to a daycare with a Kindy program.  I really felt for the parents of school kids here this week as the weather has not been accommodating to outside play at all.  Apparently the rain is due to return on the weekend too! read more

5 Things Head Lice Taught Me

head lice

This week in the Musings house, we’ve had those annoying creatures known as head lice.  As much of a pain in the but it all was, we did manage to learn a few things along the way!

  1. You know that itching feeling you get when someone starts talking about lice (like right now), that is nothing compared to the itching when you do actually have head lice.  It’s been nearly ten years since I last had them (touches ALL the wood) and I still remember the excruciating itching feeling.  You know how, as a kid you would roll down a grassy hill and your whole body itched with the fire of a 1000 suns?  That is what having head lice feels like.
  2. The eggs of head lice aren’t actually white.  In all of the pamphlets that they used to send home every time there was an outbreak when I was at school, it told the parents to look for small white eggs.  My hair is naturally quite dark, and it’s thick, plus there is a hell of a lot of it.  All of this means that I get really bad dandruff, so my hair is constantly filled with small white things.  What I learned from Mr 4 having head lice is that the eggs are actually more transparent.  They looked like water drops on his hair and when I was able to peel one off a strand of hair I could see the louse inside it.
  3. There is a ton of head lice removal products.  Seriously.  I stood in the chemist for ten minutes just staring at the shelves, while telling Mr 4 out of the corner of my mouth to stop bloody itching.  All of them claimed to be able to kill lice dead in their tracks, and be the best product available.  All of them are bloody expensive..I found the more natural a product is, the more expensive it is..
  4. Banshee like screaming while I washed Mr 4’s hair is nothing…especially when the smoke alarm is then set off from the steam of the shower (seriously why are the smoke alarms always outside the bathroom!?).  The hair that I love because it is beautiful and thick just like mine, will be a pain in the arse to comb through, even if I set him up in front of cartoons to do it.
  5. If the packet of head lice solution says that it includes a comb, buy another just in case.  Buy the metal tooth comb, because without a doubt the packet will contain a shitty plastic comb that doesn’t really work.  It gets the surface head lice and eggs off, but once you take a closer look there will be more eggs mocking you.  If you think you have gotten all of the eggs..comb through for another ten minutes just to be sure.

We’ve been pretty lucky that despite Mr 4 being in childcare regularly for years, this is the first time he has gotten the dreaded head lice.  We’re chalking it up to experience at this stage and hoping the little buggers don’t decide to make his head a regular feasting spot! read more