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FFS Friday 21st December

It’s well and truly the silly season around her and it’s bought all of the wankers out of the woodworks here.  It wouldn’t be a Friday in silly season without a FFS Friday! 

Devil Spawn slept in until 930 on Monday (daycare day) and I decided to keep him home.  An hour later I regretted it. FFS read more

Sure I’ll talk, as long as it doesn’t involve calling you

Image from here The only time I have absolutely no anxiety about making a phone call is when I am making drunk calls and lets be honest its socially frowned upon to be drunk ALL the time, as tempting as it is.

The trouble with being a grown up is that, well, you have to make phone calls all of the time.  Regardless of whether you want to or not.  Me, I try all other avenues of contact before making a phone call.  Even sweeping problems under the rug and pretending they don’t exist. read more

Biting the Bullet

Shit has been hitting the fan the last 6 months. I’ve been a ball of fury that doesn’t seem to have a way to unravel.  Everyone has been copping it. Left, right and center. Mostly those close to me though.

I think it’s time I bit the bullet and talking to a ‘professional’ about it.  Every day feels like the worst day of my life.  I spend most of the day either in tears, sleeping to escape or yelling.  This is no way for DS to live.  I don’t want him remembering his childhood as having been peppered with anger. read more

Mental Health: Pissing you off even after you’ve been discharged.

Long time no write…blah blah. I got discharged from Outpatient services in June.  Wasn’t really a big deal.  As I had told myself and many others, I’ve been doing this shit on my own for the last three years anyway.

It all went along smoothly and it felt good.  GP was happy to take over medication care.  I was happy that she was competent enough to do it.  MH were happy that she was happy. read more