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F is for First Aid

Welcome to my weekly A-Z of Mental Illness. Each week I will be writing about a mental health topic that correlates with a letter of the alphabet.  I have a few people doing guest posts along the way as well, just so you don’t have to listen to me drone on every week.  I hope that through this alphabet of Mental Illness I will be able to spread a bit more awareness. read more

1st Available..A new frontier in healthcare appointments

I hate ringing to book appointments.  I have a fear of the phone and hate making phone calls. I try to do as much as I can online but there is a definite gap in the market for health care appointments.  Until 1st Available came along.

1st available is a revolutionary new system in Australia that allows patients to make appointments while on the go.  Imagine no more waiting on the phone for 20 minutes while you have a screaming toddler in one ear and droning hold music in the other. Sounds like bliss doesn’t it?  As a mum that is one of the hardest thing to do..complete a phone call without an interruption from our children.  We do our best to occupy them, but Murphy’s Law will always intervene, ensuring that our little darlings will desperately need us for every single excruciating second that we are on hold. read more

How to save a life

Today Beyond Blue launched their national campaign to combat Anxiety with this video.  Beyond Blue has been my source for information, help and finding a place to feel that I am not the only person who is feeling this way for many years.  I would read the personal stories for hours on end, feeling a connection through the computer. read more

Sleep is for the weak…apparently

It’s finally the end of the longest week in the history of long weeks.  That also means that it’s FFS Friday time again.  Sarah is handing the reins over to her hubby this week so pop over and see what he has to say! 

Two weekends in a row now Devil Papa has said that he wants to spend some boy time with Devil Spawn. Two weekends in a row that has involved him having a 5 hour nap FFS read more

PMS can bite me

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome is a bit of a touchy subject. A subject that seems to gather a lot of ‘of she must be on her rags’ comments from the more dense variety of the opposite sex.  PMS however is a very real syndrome for a lot of women.  Better health Channel says that up to 75% of women experience mild symptoms, while 20-30% experience more severe symptoms that can affect their mental well being. read more