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If I was Prime Minister…


Last week a report was leaked which contains recommendations to the current government for changes needed to the mental health system.  This report was commissioned in 2013 while the current government was in opposition and sources have said that the government has had the report since November last year but had failed to make the review public. read more


If you follow me on social media, then you would have seen the glorious photo that I shared last week of me with my new bed buddy.  To be more precise, it is a CPAP machine, a machine that will help me breathe.  It’s a machine that will hopefully move my oxygen saturation levels from catastrophic, to normal. read more

Crisis over..now what?

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I’ve been ‘in the system’ for over 12 years now.  I’ve been in hospital quite a few times during that period and I have had a few different case managers through the community mental health unit.  Currently I am using the private system because once again I have been discharged from the public one, deemed to be ‘well’ because I am no longer in crisis. read more