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Ghosts: Do you believe?


I’m not sure I 100% believe in ghosts, but at the same time I am not sure that I can 100% discount their existence either.  There are things that happen, that just can’t be explained, things that have happened to me personally or that I have read about.  Sometimes it’s even the change in atmosphere too, not just the seeing a being or something that looks like one.Last night on Facebook, I came across this article.  To save you heading over to read it, the article is about sightings of a mysterious woman walking along a main road.  Over the weekend police received several calls reporting a woman walking along the side of the road appearing disorientated.  Police drove out to the road and couldn’t find her at first, the car sighted her after a second lap of the area but by the time the car had made a u-turn she was gone. read more

Obesity is not a disease

Before I start this post, I must say that I don’t have any health qualification.  Everything that I say in the following post is my own opinion based on the observations of my own weight struggles. 

One of the constants during my mental health treatment has been that I am not my illness.  I HAVE depression, I am not depression.  It helps to realise that we have an identity outside our mental illness.  However that doesn’t really work for obesity.  It’s not something that I have, it’s something that I am. read more

Depression can’t be cured in 8 weeks

Yesterday I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when an update from a media call out company caught my eye.  The headline read ‘Australian Company has designed program to cure depression sufferers in under 8 weeks’.  The callout has since been removed from the website but the company is still insisting they can cure depression in under 8 weeks. read more

Does blogging glorify mental illness?

I’ve seen a few opinions around the interwebs lately that all of this blogging and talking on social media about mental illness, mainly depression, is glorifying it.  They believe that through showing the realities in our words and pictures, that we are somehow making it seem like it’s something that people will want to have.  Like the latest must have accessory, or something. read more