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The telling of the story

Over the Christmas and New Year period I read ‘We are all completely beside ourselves’.  I had intended to read a few books while Paul was on holidays and I had more time to read.  However this book tripped me up and I haven’t been able to pick up a book since finishing it nearly two weeks ago.  So I need to write about it obviously. read more

Obesity is not a disease

Before I start this post, I must say that I don’t have any health qualification.  Everything that I say in the following post is my own opinion based on the observations of my own weight struggles. 

One of the constants during my mental health treatment has been that I am not my illness.  I HAVE depression, I am not depression.  It helps to realise that we have an identity outside our mental illness.  However that doesn’t really work for obesity.  It’s not something that I have, it’s something that I am. read more

Writer’s Block: 8 tips to beat it

Overcoming writer's block

If you do any kind of writing, whether it be for work or pleasure, then no doubt you have come against writers block once or twice.  There have been a few times for me over the last 3 years where I have sat and stared at the screen, the cursor seeming to mock me, willing the words to come.  Once I have started, the words flowed so I want to share with you the things I do when writer’s block has come to stay. read more