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Life Insurance and Mental Health

life insurance, mental illness

*The following post is brought to you by Life Insurance Comparison.*

Many people fear that having a mental health condition will mean that they are automatically turned down for life insurance cover. Unlike health insurance, life insurance is not community rated. This means that insurers can charge different premiums according to factors. These factors include medical history, age, gender and lifestyle. How can this relate to mental health conditions, in particular?

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Toilet training tips + Giveaway

Easy toilet training tips

*I received Airwick products in order to complete this review.  As always, all opinions are my own*

Toilet training…one of the few phrases to strike fear into the hearts of parent across the world.  It gives you a new level of appreciation for what your parents went through.  I learned a few things along the way both from my own experience and the experience of others.  Here are my tips to help toilet training go a little more smoothly.

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A golden journal

*I received one Golden Journal for the purpose of this review.  As always all opinions are my own*

At my last psychologist appointment we talked about ways to help boost the way that I feel about myself.  Anxiety has been kicking my butt pretty hard over the last couple of months and something had to give.  We came up with two ideas.

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