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Anyone seen my brain?


I want to write, but I barely have the brain function at the moment to put one foot in front of the other.  I do love to share though, it’s the curse of the blogger bug.  So I’m sharing with you 10 things about my writing journey.

  1. When I was in primary school I wrote a poem for a poetry competition.  It was the most morbid poem about a swan getting shot by a hunter.  It got picked to be published in a book.
  2. The first ‘book’ I wrote was in year 10 and it was 30 pages long.
  3. For an English assignment in year 11 we had to write an autobiographical piece about a major event in our life.  I wrote about harming myself while in inpatient care.  I got a B and raked over the coals by the Principal and Head of Department because they were worried what teachers who were doing the review process would think of the school.
  4. I had a livejournal when I was a teenager.  Every now and then I go and have a look at it..I cringe every single time.
  5. At one stage I had two journals going at once.  I had my normal journal and I had a random journal which I used felt pens in.  I still have it, it was my favourite journal to write in.
  6. I started this blog (originally on blogger) in 2011.  My first post mused about how I would probably give it up after a couple of months because I was bored.  I hadn’t counted on the great community that is the blogging world, and how much I missed writing.
  7. I tried sitting at a desk to write..I hate it.  I much prefer to sit on the couch, in front of the television while alternating between writing and checking social media.
  8. Very rarely do I have posts in my drafts…I just get too excited to share it and so if I do wait then it’s just the next day!
  9. I do however have pages full of notes in my phone for when a post idea strikes me. I have a perfect sentence written..pity I can remember where the hell I was going with it!
  10. To me, writing is like breathing.  I went for a time without writing because the medication I was on fogged my brain too much.  It felt like torture.  The words were just stuck inside my head, with no where to go.  I hope that I never get to that point again.

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Sweet Dream Believer


She woke with a thud, the wind knocked out of her chest.  She lay still, trying to catch her breath, her night dress was plastered to her skin with sweat.  The dream had haunted her sleep again, every night it was the same.

Her days had been starting earlier and earlier each day, her mind plagued by the nightmare making it impossible to fall asleep.  She was sure her mind was playing dirty tricks on her.  The more she tried to create a space of harmony, the faster the dream plagued her thoughts.  She had begun to accept it as part of her nights, resigned to the idea that her sleep would always be interrupted by the horrifying images. read more