Creating memories with games

*I was sent Chrono Bomb by Talkin Toys in order to complete this review.  All opinions are my own*

When Mr 8 turned six I bought him junior scrabble. I had fond memories of this game from my own childhood and I was keen to share these with him.  So began his love of board games and the birth of his competitive streak. He annihilated me in that first game of scrabble, I wasn’t even trying to let him win!

Our game board collection has grown to include UNO, Monolopy, Trouble and Jenga.  Games which Mr 8 has enjoyed sharing with his father and I.  He has especially enjoyed these games when he was kicking our butts! Most of all though it was nice to have a fun way to learn with Mr 8 and teach him about the things we loved from our childhood.

Another game, of the video variety has had a positive impact on Mr 8.  So often we hear about the pitfalls of video games. We are told that they offer little benefit. However that hasn’t been the case in our household.  Through video games Mr 8 was able to find a voice. Sure sometimes it felt like all he could talk about was the newest video game but it gave him the confidence to begin a conversation.

Finding his voice wasn’t the only upside to games.  His favourite games provided him with a way to improve his reading and math, while making it fun! It hardly felt like learning to him, when it meant that he could whip his Mum or Dad in his favourite board game.

Chrono Bomb is a game which calls on a different set of skills. Mr 8 used logic, problem solving and gross motor skills. Paul and I mainly used our facial muscles, laughing at the positions he twisted himself in to make it through the obstacle course.

Using strings as ‘laser beams’, Chrono Bomb is a physical strategy game that has kids racing against the clock, or themselves to make it through the maze before the timer blows. Mr 8 loved setting up a course to make his way through. Although the sneaky bugger tried just going around the outside of the course a few times!

The course is set up using the easy peasy clamps. This means that the course can be set up absolutely anywhere. I must admit I was tempted to set up a maze in his bedroom to stop the after bedtime wanderings!

To make things more fun, the whole course is rigged to buzz when the ‘lasers’ get bumped. Mr 8 managed to maneuver himself through the course he’d set without touching the laser beams. Hence the victory dance at the end of this video of him trying out this new game. I could ramble on about how awesome it is, but I think Mr 8’s reaction says it all!

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9 thoughts on “Creating memories with games

  1. Nicole @ The Builder's Wife

    I am going to be honest and say that my husband and I hate playing board games with our kids. Too many arguments, too much bother. We do love to play a game of cricket or football or have a match of something on the XBox instead.

  2. Hugzilla

    LOL the last time we played a game with a timer bomb element in it my seven year old smashed his face on the coffee table. The adrenalin was clearly too much for him…


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