Writing Prompt: Memory

I’m joining in with Jodi from JF Gibson for her 10 minute writing prompt challenge.  I’ve been looking for something to kick my writing back into gear and this one was perfect because it would only take 10 minutes!  Head on over Jodi’s site and check out the other entries or join in yourself!

Here’s my contribution to the prompt Memory:

She’d woken up in a place she didn’t recognise again.  Beside her was a person that she didn’t recognise.  Their bodies were entangled and messy.  He looked comfortable next to her but she felt nothing more than revulsion.

After the last time she had told herself that it wouldn’t happen again.  She wouldn’t find herself in this situation one more time.  Things were going to be different she told herself.  They were just empty words, she knew that now.

The man beside her sighed and rolled towards her.  She froze.  Did she allow him to touch her?  She could feel bile rising up in her throat.  If she didn’t get out now she was going to be sick all over the bed.

She carefully extricated herself from the bed, careful not to disturb the slumbering man. She needed to find the bathroom and look at herself in the mirror.  Looking at her reflection always gave her the grounding that she so desperately needed.

The bathroom was down the hall from the bedroom. She pushed open the door slowly, just in case there was someone else in there already. To her relief, the room was empty.  She stared at herself in the mirror above the sink.

Her face usually brought her back to reality but today it seemed wrong. The angles and the curves weren’t as she remembered them. There were wrinkles there that she didn’t remember having.  Her eyes seemed more dulled than she recalled. Who was this person staring back at her? Tears began to fall as her beloved routine failed her.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked into the mirror.  Standing behind her was the man from the bedroom.  The man that she didn’t recognise.  He had a warm smile on his face, like he knew her.

“It’s me Aggy,” the man said.  “Your husband.  Come back to bed”.

Her memory was getting worse.  She felt alone in this world as the people who seemed to know her were strangers in her mind.


2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Memory

  1. Angela

    Your writing hooks me every time. You are seriously amazing. I expect to read a novel from you before I die.


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