The 5 Facebook friends you need

There are so many articles and blog posts about the people you don’t need in  your life.  They talk about the people who annoy you, who make you want to stab yourself in the eye or question the future of the human race.  I haven’t come across many though that talk about the awesome people in your life, well your Facebook life anyway.

Sure, those annoying, misinformed and sometimes downright stupid people on our Facebook feed make for good comedic relief.  However what about the people who add to our lives, who we enjoy seeing pop up in our news feed?  Here’s my list of the people you need on your Facebook friends list.notebook-791292_640

The person who challenges your thinking.

I have learned so much from the variety of people on my facebook feed.  I have read articles that made me rethink beliefs I held, articles that have made me cry and articles that helped me to believe that the world isn’t all that bad.  I don’t always agree with the things I see on my timeline, but it’s always interesting to read the conversation it brings up.

The person who always likes and comments on your stuff.

Be honest, we all like someone to boost our ego.  It’s nice to know that someone is thinking of you enough to comment on the things you post.

The person with connections.

We all have that Facebook friend who seems to know someone who knows someone who can answer your question.  The beauty of online friendships too is that we have connections with people we might not have otherwise met.

The person with witty, hilarious updates and comments.

I’m friends with Hugzilla.  Not only is she hilarious herself, but she also has hilarious friends.  For someone who resisted Facebook for so long, damn she knows how to work it!

The inspirations.

This one is a fine line.  If they are posting 20 inspirational memes every hour then I am going to get annoyed really quickly.  However it’s the people who are going about their day, celebrating their wins and making their goals that give me the feel good fuzzies.  I love that Facebook lets me share in those wins with them.  I have seen friends turn their health around, get that job they were hoping for, fall pregnant, get married and find their love.  It’s really amazing.

I do think that sometimes we focus too much on the negatives of social media, but it’s also important to remember the positives too.  It hasn’t killed the art of conversation, it has simply expanded the boundaries.  Plus a place to share funny cat videos can’t be all that bad.

Who do you need in your Facebook timeline?

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