Never have I…

Have you played the drinking game ‘Never have I’?  It’s a possibly cringe inducing game where players take it in turns to ask ‘never have I’.  If your answer is ‘well actually I have’ then you take a shot!  It’s an funny way to get to know your friends!glass-663093_640When I was at school we played a G rated version where everyone would start standing up and you would sit down if you ‘have’.  The last person standing would win.  What possessed a teacher with a room full of hormonal teenagers to play this game, I’m still not sure.

This week for I must confess Kirsty is asking up to fess up to things that we have never done.  I must confess that I considered waiting until I had read Kirsty’s post to gauge where the post was going.  However I decided to put my big girl panties on and get on with it.  With that said, I bring you ‘I have never…’.

  • Been outside Australia.  In fact I have only been out of the state on holidays once.  I did however freak the fuck out when I was in the car with my parents and they drove over the QLD border while I was on probation.
  • Held a license, not even a learners.  I feel physically sick even thinking about it, even though it would make my life so much easier.
  • Watched The Sound of Music.  Even though one of my favourite movies is Rocky Horror Picture Show, I’m really not a huge fan of musicals so I have no desire to watch this movie that everyone else seems to love.
  • Broken a bone.  I’ve sprained my ankle more times than I can count but *touch wood* so far I have managed to go almost 28 years without breaking a bone.
  • Eaten a weird animal.  I stick to the animals I can buy in Coles.  My Dad however has eaten Ostrich after my Mum and I told him it was crumbed steak.
  • Sung Karoke.  I am happy to sing badly while in the comfort of my own home.  I do not have a desire to subject strangers to it.
  • Read a Mills and Boons novel.  When I stayed at my Granny’s house and forgot to take a book with me I would go through her bookshelf to find something to read.  I just couldn’t bring myself to even try one of them.  I opted for reading Archie comics repeatedly instead.  Much better!

I must admit that I actually struggled with this.  I even googled ‘never have I’ questions for suggestions and I had done most of them!  I’d be drunk after the first 10 minutes if I was playing this game.

What is something you’ve done that everyone else has?

Have you ever eaten ostrich?

8 thoughts on “Never have I…

  1. Pinky Poinker

    Years ago I tried to get my kids to watch The Sound of Music. They didn’t bother to hide their disgust and walked out after ten minutes. It’s a bit dated I guess. I have a thirty year old male friend who refuses to get his driver’s licence too. He’s a teacher and catches the bus to school with all the kids!

  2. Ness

    I never got my license until I was 36, so you never know. And if you don’t, so what? My MIL never did. I’ve never broken a bone either when I think about it. I guess that’s what happens when you avoid all sporting activities all your life. LOL. As for Mills and Boons novels, I did read them when I was teenager but fortunately grew out of that phase.

  3. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    The only thing I haven’t done off this list is eat a weird animal. I also like sticking to the Coles meat section range! Good on you for putting on your big girl panties and putting your post out there. It was a great prompt because you could take it so many different ways – thanks for playing along Tegan!

  4. Kathy

    This is a fun prompt. I’ve eaten crocodile and flying fox (the later in Vanuatu). I’m actually quite brave overall when it comes to trying new things. I’m with you on never having read a Mills & Boon either and I touch wood too on the broken bone.

  5. Trish

    I think that is where I got my list from , never played a drinking game though.
    My friend (a lovely indigenous lady – in early 40’s) told me she grew up eating all Aussie animals – we were checking out an echidna and she said they ate them too.
    I’d be under the table with you in 10mins.


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