A glimpse into our world

Welcome to The Lounge! Grab a drink, settle in and get ready to share a story.  This week the theme is freestylin’ so it’s up to you what you link up!  Remember to comment on other posts, and share the comment love.  This week I am doing a bit of a mish mash of what has been going on in our life at the moment.

Last year Paul and I noticed that we both were feeling quite ill and had stomach cramps after having anything that was heavy in dairy.  It was a bit hit and miss for the reactions but we noticed a difference when switching to a lactose free milk.  We both love potato bake and it’s creamy goodness and were eating it and then dealing with the consequences.  I went on a mission to find a dairy free recipe and I finally found one!  It was surprisingly delicious and more creamy than we were expecting. Definitely one we’ll be repeating!

Mr 5 is in week 3 of term 2 at prep.  He seems to love school and playing with his friends.  Although he is having issues getting his work done because he likes to talk a bit much.  He also chucked his first sicky last week.  At the end of the day he was quite upset and apologised for lying to me about being sick.  I wasn’t happy with him lying, but I was glad that he came and told me the truth without me having to ask him.

It’s Beef Week here in Rockhampton and the town is filled to the brim with tourists and property owners.  I actually think that Beef Week is probably more popular than the town Show! Mr 5 and his class went on their first excursion on Tuesday to visit the bulls and look at different displays and farm animals.  He was very excited after school because he got to ride a bucking bull!  Don’t worry it was a mechanical one.  He also came home with lots of freebies, including a whistle that was quickly hidden and disposed of!

Anxiety has really been kicking my but the last month or so.  I have had a couple of things happen (sorry for the vague posting but I can’t go into it at the moment) and I am struggling with my reaction to those things.  Rumination has always been an issue for me, but it has gone into overdrive lately.  My sleep is suffering, which of course leads to more issues.  I am working on different ways to help with the thought distortions, and bringing them back into reality.

So there’s a snap shot into what is going on with in the Musing’s household at the moment.  It’s all a bit same shit different day, but the routine is also comforting.

What’s going on in your world?

For the first time school mums like me, how is second term treating you?


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4 thoughts on “A glimpse into our world

  1. Lydia C. Lee

    Sorry to hear about the anxiety, and I hear you on the ruminating. It would be good if you could flick off your brain when you flick off the lights. No advice, just sending good cheer your way…

  2. Angela

    I feel like such a shitty friend. I have noticed less posts and you being more quiet on fb etc but haven’t been on a lot lately and am only just catching up on the last couple of weeks of your blog. Whatever it is that happened, I hope that with these things that happened, that what you are working on now helps you move past it. I love the idea of the ta-da list. Lol at the Sicky. Max had his first day off sick but that was drs orders.

  3. natalie@OurParallelConnection

    Anxiety is becoming more common or maybe it is people have the confidence now to peskier up about it. Understanding what sparks you off or potential areas which may need monitoring is a good way to try to stay on top of it.A family member knows certain things which set her off but saying that sometimes it happens and she doesn’t know why


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