Ghosts: Do you believe?

I’m not sure I 100% believe in ghosts, but at the same time I am not sure that I can 100% discount their existence either.  There are things that happen, that just can’t be explained, things that have happened to me personally or that I have read about.  Sometimes it’s even the change in atmosphere too, not just the seeing a being or something that looks like one.ghostsLast night on Facebook, I came across this article.  To save you heading over to read it, the article is about sightings of a mysterious woman walking along a main road.  Over the weekend police received several calls reporting a woman walking along the side of the road appearing disorientated.  Police drove out to the road and couldn’t find her at first, the car sighted her after a second lap of the area but by the time the car had made a u-turn she was gone.

The police on the scene thought that she had disappeared into the bushland around and called in the dog squad to do a search of the area.  The dog squad was unable to locate the mysterious woman.  More reports were called in about the woman, but police were still unable to locate her.  Many locals believe that the figure is a ghost.  I’m still not sure if I believe in ghosts but this story definitely creeps me out.

Situated around 30km out of town is the building for Neerkol Orphanage.  It is no longer in use as a place to house children who have been placed in state care but it has been used for school camps in recent years.  Neerkol is well known for the horrifying abuse and deaths committed by the Nuns who ran it.  People who have been in the building have talked about the drop in temperature felt in the children’s rooms.  There has also been mention of hearing children’s voices in the dead of the night and the sound of a ball bouncing down an empty corridor.  Can it be explained by ghosts?  I’m not sure.

I believe, and many of my family members believe that there are ghosts in my Granny’s house.  Every morning at 8:30 you can hear distinctive footsteps walking through the lounge and into the kitchen, but no body to accompany those steps.  My Granny’s twin sister has talked about feeling like someone is choking her in her sleep.  I’ve had personal experience of the body in the toilet, of stumbling to the toilet after waking to hear someone rustling the toilet paper and the seat creaking.  However everyone is sitting at the kitchen table, and the toilet is empty.

The most terrifying experience for me was when I was staying there on my own.  My Granny was in the next town with my Aunty who was preparing to have a baby.  I was fast asleep when I woke with a start to every electrical appliance in the house on.  The TV and the stereo was blaring and it was 5am.  There was no one else in the house and all of the doors were still locked.  Let’s just say that it was one of the few times I was wide awake at that hour as a teenager.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you have to agree that there are just some things that can’t be explained.  I don’t think I will ever be completely sold on the idea of ghosts but I don’t think I will ever be completely against it either.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Have you ever had any experiences that you just couldn’t explain?

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14 thoughts on “Ghosts: Do you believe?

  1. Amy @ HandbagMafia

    I’m open to the idea- purely because we are made of energy and energy never dies- even if we do. I can’t explain it and I know there is no scientific evidence to back it up. I have seen things I can’t explain except to say they were in my head and I’m sure that’s often the case. But while there’s no proof of ghosts- they’re not disproved, either. I think they’re not hugely likely- but there’s still a chance! Really interesting story you’ve written about!

  2. Jody at Six Little Hearts

    Yep – totally believe! I have seen so many ghosts (so many!) and always in daylight. (Unlike the stories, I have never seen one at night.) I started seeing them very young and I still see them now. I also have prophetic dreams (I saw 911, Bali bombings etc before they happened.) It used to creep me terribly but now I have accepted it all as a fantastic gift which is invaluable for helping my life in so many ways. I have an intuition which tells me so much about others and it is wonderful. Great post! Love the toilet ghost!

  3. Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    You’ve just given me goosebumps! Your poor Granny feeling like she’s being choked. How scary. I most definitely believe. I’ve only had one encounter, but even before then I believed. I used to work at a tv station and there was a rumour that a ghost haunted the halls outside one of the studios downstairs. Around 8pm one night, I was working in the area near the studio. I was walking down a hallway to a door that was slightly ajar. The door would always stick on the floor so it never closed properly. Just as I almost reached the door it slammed in my face and I felt cold chills all over. I opened the door immediately but no one was there. It was doors to an internal stairwell. There was no wind. No way that door could have slammed itself. FREAKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Toni @ Finding Myself Young

    Reading that story the other night freaked me out Tegan. I believe in ghosts only because theres so much that can’t be explained, but they also scare the shit out of me at the same time. If that was my granny’s house I’d never ever go there lol I wouldn’t be able to sleep ever.

  5. Alison

    I’ve seen some odd stuff. There might be an explanation, but not one I know of yet. There are more things in heaven and earth and all that.

  6. Jess

    I’ve never had a ‘strange’ experience, so probably don’t believe. But one of my goals this year is to visit a haunted place, so who knows!?

  7. Janet aka Middle Aged Mama

    Ooo I love a good spooky story … I’ve had a couple of weird / spooky experiences myself. I think it would be arrogant to assume that we know everything and that there can’t possibly be ghosts or UFOs or whatever. Some things just can’t be seen.

  8. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Yes I do believe that there are supernatural forces and energy that we can’t explain. I have had a ‘ghost’ experience that I will blog about one day. I have every belief that your Granny’s house does in fact have spirits associated with it, sad ones. x

  9. Pinky Poinker

    Tegan I know which city you live in and I can tell you right now I’ve heard more stories about hauntings there than anywhere. It’s bloody haunted and yes… I do believe in ghosts!

  10. Vanessa

    I’m in two minds as well. I can’t say I explicitly believe in them but at the same time if we can’t prove they don’t exist, then logically there must be a possibility.
    The same for aliens – we cannot say they don’t exist so while I don’t believe in lizard men controlling politicians and all that, I can’t say they don’t exist.

  11. Chantel

    I’m not too sure. My cousin lived with us for a while and swore there was someone looking over her shoulder in the bathroom sometime. Also we used to go on camp to the Old York Hospital – the swings would swing back and forth all the time on their own – pretty freaky!!!

    Hello from #teamIBOT


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