7 confessions of the micro kind

This week for I Must Confess the theme is micro confessions.  This one is my favourite because it’s like a brain dump.  I love being able to just write some little confessions, ones that don’t have enough behind them to warrant a whole post of their own and be done with it.  Plus a good cleanse does amazing things for the soul.  True fact.confessions

  • I keep forgetting to do sight words and his reader with Mr 5.  We probably manage 2-3 nights a week but some days we are both so tired by the time we get home (we walk and I am ridiculously unfit) from school that the last thing I feel like doing is homework with him.  Thankfully this hasn’t stunted him at all and his going in leaps and bounds with word recognition.
  • Some nights I just have a bottle of water or cordial for dinner.  I know this is bad.  I know that it is messing with my metabolism because it goes into starvation mode but some nights I just don’t feel like eating.  Please note that I do still make dinner for Mr 5.
  • I don’t really like baths.  I love the idea of them, of laying in the water and relaxing.  However every time I have one, after about 5 minutes I am bored and wondering what the hell I was thinking.
  • I’ve only had one night of drinking in the last 2 months.  That might not seem like a big deal to most people, but I was having 2-3 drinks every night at one stage.  Then I would binge drink at least once a week.  My skin is still trying to recover.
  • I don’t understand the hype around Pitch Perfect.  To me it was an adult version of High School Musical.  Sure Rebel Wilson was hilarious, but not even her wit could save this movie for me.
  • I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies and saw a movie with a rating above PG and I am totally ok with that.  I just wish the writers would stop putting in those damn tear jerker moments.  Stifling the tears while just sitting next to your 5 year old is one thing, but when the movie is so popular the theater is packed, it takes on a hole new meaning.  One movie I started crying in the damn ads!
  • I bought myself this clutch.  I love it but I do feel like a bit of a wank when I am out and about with it.
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12 thoughts on “7 confessions of the micro kind

  1. Lydia C. Lee

    It’s cute! (the clutch). I didn’t get people liking Pitch Perfect…I thought it was idiotic…but then I’m still wondering why I watched it as it’s so not my sort of thing…
    Good for you on the cutting out booze and I hear you on the not eating dinner (but for me it’s because I’ve snacked so heavily at 5pm…)

  2. Ness

    Nice list of mini confessions there. Although, I never know how people can skip meals. You know something is REALLY wrong with me if I do! I’m not really a bath person either and all homework drains me of the will to live. xo

  3. Jess

    I’m with you on the baths, I think the idea of them is always signficantly better than the reality! But I love Pitch Perfect. 🙂

  4. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I’m glad you like this prompt Tegan – it’s one of my faves too and one of the few that I can recycle when my confession ideas get low 😉 I have to confess I have never seen Pitch Perfect so I cannot agree or disagree with your summation. My attention span when it comes to movies is nearly non-existent these days!

  5. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Massive effort with the drinking, more power to you girl that is a big deal. That is a cool clutch so MEH to feeling like a wank. It’s practical too. I LOVE baths, but only if I’m home alone or away and they’re piping hot and I have a good book.

  6. Toni @ Finding Myself Young

    I haven’t had a bath since I was pregnant lol. I kind of think the same thing, whats the point – I think maybe because I always forget the candles and champagne! Also so glad I don’t need to deal with homework yet.

  7. Angela

    I really enjoyed this post. I like the idea of the micro confessions. Congrats on the drinking. That is a huge achievement. As for the sight words, I think that 2-3 day s a week is better than none and the physical exercise achievement goes in with a big accomplishment for the day. I only have half the distance to walk and am glad when we get home. Also, if you type up some sight words and print them and stick them around a room, you can use a torch to shine on them in the dark/darkish room and he can read them out. This means that you can still get them done and can even do them in the ads when watching TV if they are in the lounge. The last time I seen a non g/PG rated movie at the cinemas was actually with you. Chicks at the flicks for my birthday a few years ago.

  8. Zita

    Here’s my micro responses to your micro confessions…
    2-3 times is way better than none!
    I agree about the bath thing.
    I disagree with the Pitch Perfect thing – LOVE it!! lol
    That clutch is way cool!!!

  9. Alison

    I don’t know what Pitch Perfect is. The clutch is cute. Maybe you could just have a piece of fruit at night? And I think you’re doing fine with the parenting, better than many, as good as most.

  10. Anne@GritandGiggles

    I bet it is you and every other parent with the sight words. Get him to find them in a magazine or newspaper, still practice and you don’t have to do anything lol. Bath, ugh, I am a shower person. If I want to wallow in water that is what a pool, beach or river is for. Good on you for getting a handle on the drinking thing 🙂 Pitch Perfect, love it, more for the music than the story line. Actually the story line is pretty predictable.


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