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water baby

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All of my best memories about Summer and the Sunshine involve water.  Whether I’m swimming in it, dancing through it or wishing for it, water is there to create the memories that always make me smile.

On Friday night we were sitting in the garage, as we usually do on the weekend.  It’s usually much cooler out there, and it’s nice to watch the world go by.  However on Friday it just wasn’t hitting the spot.  It was muggy, there wasn’t a breeze at all and the flies had moved in.  Still, it was cooler than inside.

Paul and I were indulging in some cold beverages and I had the tunes cranked.  After a busy week, it was the perfect wind down.  We were also doing a lot of bitching about the weather of course.  For once, it seemed that the universe listened.

The sky opened and it poured with rain.  I think the temperature when down about 10 degrees in that moment.  There was still not much of a breeze bu the stinking humidity had dissipated for the time being.  It was so glorious that Paul, Mr 5 and I all danced around in it until it stopped.

We probably looked like knobs to the people driving past, but we didn’t care.  It was so much fun and Mr 5 loved running through the muddy puddles that had formed.  The rain was so perfectly timed.

I wish that we had the chance to do it more often.  To dance in the rain and not give a toss what people think.  We were all soaked to the bones but we have grins on our faces.  It was the best fun I have had in ages!

Do you dance in the rain?

Are you a water baby?

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3 thoughts on “Water Baby

  1. Angela

    We got to do that recently too. We managed to score a stationary storm cell over our place on boxing day. We had about 20 minutes of drenching rain. It was beautiful. Max and I went out to the front yard so we ran and jumped in the puddles. The street gutters were overflowing so I let him have a run in them. Safety first though, if I seen a car coming he had to run to the big puddle in the middle of the yard. We were absolutely drenched but so much more relaxed.


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