Welcome to another week of Sunshine Sunday.  This week the theme is laughter.  It is completely up to you how you interpret that theme.  You can share a photo, a story or absolutely anything.

Today is just a short one, because at 2am this morning I realised that I had written anything.  I want to share a picture of laughter, one that brings a smile to my face every time I see it.  A child laughing is one of the best sounds too.  Especially once they start to do that really deep belly laugh.  It’s my favourite sound so I have included a video of kids laughing!



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5 thoughts on “Laughter

  1. Alison

    Nice 🙂 Love that photo of you. I published my ebook, after a year of procrastinating – now I just have to finish that piece for your ebook! And then maybe I can get back to studying and start my new ebook. Sheesh. If only I didn’t have to frickin work and look after my family I could just buy a boat and sit there and write, write, write. Wouldn’t that be splendid?!

    1. Alison

      Oh, sorry I realise that sounded like a bit of a non sequitur, am trying to sort out my daughter’s book pack in between checking emails! The laughter bit made me think of the book because it is mainly amusing and humorous tales. I know what I mean, even if I don’t always make that clear…

  2. Chantell

    That’s a great, happy photo 🙂 And such a funny video too! I have linked up my post, but wasn’t sure how to add your Sunshine Sunday badge to my post? I just copied it across, but I get the feeling I should have done it differently since it’s a linky? Please excuse my newbie-ness, lol! I don’t usually do these things, but thought I would give yours a try


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