Change in the wind

Welcome to the first Sunshine Sunday for 2015.  This week the theme is Change.  The link is at the bottom of the post for anyone who wants to join in with their posts.

The New Year brings out a lot of self reflection in people and bids for change are made, changes to help us to be better people.  While I think that change doesn’t adhere to timetable and that we can make those changes whenever we wish, I think that if the ticking over of the calendar year gives you the push you need, then that’s not a bad thing.

At this time last I made the resolution to make no resolutions.  I thought I was being clever and getting rid of the guilt that would come with failed goals.  I was wrong.  No goals and not making what I wanted for myself meant that I was left floundering.  I had no point to work towards and there were a lot of things in my life that suffered.  Instead of living, I was merely surviving.

This year I have goals (which I’ll be revealing on the blog tomorrow) to work towards.  I have a calendar on the wall that is big enough to write about my goals.  I was also given a daily calendar where I can make goals so I am hoping to make use of that too.  I am hoping that with a place to work towards that I will move forward instead of floundering.

Change can be scary, sometimes it is better the devil you know.  However I know that the world is moving and turning out there without me.  I know that unless I start rolling with the punches more that I will be left behind.  I know that my anxiety about change is holding me back, but I also know that life is a series of baby steps, both backwards and forwards so it’s not as scary as I think.

Does change scare you?

Have you made the decision to change anything in 2015?

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