Summer Style Under $50

The lovely Raychael from Agent Mystery Case has put out the challenge to create a Summer outfit for under $50.  I thought it would be a piece of cake because I am the queen of bargain buying but it quickly became apparent that I was in for a challenge.

I’ve actually put together two outfits because I wanted to show the difference in prices between plus size and ‘normal’ size garments.  It took me a lot longer to find an outfit for a plus size style that came in under the $50 mark.  It’s a pretty good indicator of the current state of fashion.  Best and Less now have everything available from size 8-26 and it’s all the same size.  I think this is brilliant and my poor bank account has gotten a flogging there lol!

Here is my plus size outfit which came out at a total of $47.54


Plus size under $50


Forever 21 women plus size dress
26 AUD –

Black high heel shoes

Forever 21 silver bracelet bangle
6.54 AUD –
This is my regular size outfit which came in at a total of $49.32
Summer under $50


Rare London floral print chiffon dress
18 AUD –

QQ Trend pink sandals
17 AUD –

Forever 21 bracelet
7.67 AUD –

Forever 21 square sunglasses
6.65 AUD –

Could you create an outfit under $50?

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