The Last Laugh

She saw him across the room and she felt her heart skip a beat.  Whenever he caught her looking his way she felt her cheeks burn.  He was out of her league and she wasn’t stupid enough to even try.

The room was filled with people she had been working with for the last 20 years, she looked around and felt like she didn’t know a single one.  Even her secretary called her Ms Oliver and she doubted that the woman even knew her name.  There was no personal feelings shared anymore.  It was what stopped her from making the next move.

This party was for her, yet as she looked at the cheap decorations and the massive cake, she realised that no one had made the effort to ask her what she wanted.  The party was to celebrate her service and yet it was just like every other party.  There was nothing special, not even her name on the banner that spanned across one of the walls.  She looked closer and realised it was the same banner that was used when Claire had announced her pregnancy last month.

She wondered what she was still doing here.  There was nothing left for her anymore.  Nothing except the man across the room.  The man who she was too scared to even talk to, she ducked her head when he said hello to her.  He must have thought she hated him.

He started working at the firm last year and she still hadn’t spoken a word to him.  She had faced big executives in the courtroom but a man with big baby blues turned her into a puddle of goo.  She had started to dream about him every night.  The dreams made her blush harder when he looked her way during the morning business meetings.

No one else had made her feel this way, no one in her entire life.  She chastised herself for allowing him to get to her so much.  The room suddenly started to spin, she placed her head in her hands to try to steady herself.  She felt a warm hand on her shoulder and deep, gravely voice ask her if she needed anything.

Her back stiffened.  It was him.  Touching her shoulder.  She needed to get it together quick smart, preferably with her dignity intact.  She took a deep breath and slowly raised her head.  There he was, with his big blue eyes staring at her with concern.  She gave him a weak smile before telling him that she was fine, just a little overwhelmed with all of the excitement.

He sat down in an empty chair to her left.  She felt her heart rate quicken, if she didn’t calm down soon she was sure to pass out.  She grinned at him like an idiot, he must have thought there was something wrong with her.  She was sure of it.

He leaned towards her and whispered in her ear ‘I don’t like these things either, want to get out of here?  I know a great little cafe around the corner that should still be open.”


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