Tango in the Bedroom!

*I received one Tango by We-vibe.  As always, all opinions are my own*

Lately (ok maybe not just lately, but bare with me), I haven’t been able to sleep very well.  According to my psychologist I have gotten myself stuck in a ‘worry hole’ of epic proportions.  You know the kind, first off you worry that you had toasted sandwiches for dinner, then you worry that you have to go to the shop tomorrow to get more bread, then you worry about having to go out in public and before you know it you are remembering that stupid thing you said to someone when you were in grade 8.

I have been trying everything, even cutting back on the old frenemy caffeine but nothing seems to work.  I toss and turn, worry and stress, then before i know it, it’s 5am and only a couple of hours until I need to be up for the day.  Even Layla is getting fed up with my rolling around the bed, as she breathes an audible sigh every time I move.

The other night Paul and I happened upon a solution which seemed to have much better success than everything we tried.  As tempting as it was, for both of us to just knock me over the head, apparently that is frowned upon so we tried something else a little more physical.  Don’t worry, there was no jogging around the block at 2am involved, although this activity is said to burn as many calories as going for a 30 minute jog.

That’s right, I’m talking about sex, specifically, reaching the big O.  According to Women’s Health, regular sex, especially if climax is reached can help reduce stress and lead to a deeper sleeping pattern.  This is all due to the endorphins released during orgasm and through the physical exertion of sex.  Plus it’s just good fun.

However, there is one snag in our plan, and it’s kind of a big one.  Paul isn’t here every night, plus life just get’s in the way and sex sometimes doesn’t feature high on our list of priorities.  Especially when we have a sleep dodging son.  That’s where the new Tango by We-Vibe comes in.

tango wevibeI must admit I was a little skeptical when I saw the size of the Tango (it’s about the same size as the distance from from your index finger to your thumb).  I wondered to myself how anything that petite could pack enough power to do the job.  Thankfully, I was pleasantly (in more ways than one!) surprised that this little beauty did everything their website boasted.

As shown in the diagram above, there is 8 different vibration speeds, so there is bound to be a combination to take your fancy.  The Tango also comes with a USB charger and can be fully charged in 90 minutes, so no need to take shares out in Energizer to enjoy the benefits of the Tango.  Each charge gives a whopping 2 hours of play and can be used either solo or with a partner.

The Tango also has a slant at the tip, so that you can place it on that sweet spot with ease.  I really loved too that it comes with it’s own little satin bag so you can keep the Tango and it’s accessories all in one place.

Now I couldn’t possibly keep all the fun for myself so I have one Tango by WeVibe up for grabs for a lucky reader.  All you have to do is answer one simple question to go into the draw to win your own Tango!  Be as creative as possible because this competition is based on skill.  If you are a little worried about leaving your answer on the post then please feel free to send me an email with your answer here.

What is your top tip for someone who can’t sleep?

  1. The competition is open to Australian residents only.  
  2. The competition opens at 6am 4th August 2014 and ends 6pm 11th August 2014.
  3. The winner has 48 hours to respond to correspondence or the prize will be redrawn.
  4. One entry per household.  Multiple entries will be removed.
  5. The winner will receive one (1) WeVibe Tango 2.
  6. All decisions are final.  No discussion will be entered.
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24 thoughts on “Tango in the Bedroom!

  1. amanda

    I don’t have any tips for sleeping better unfortunately because I’m a non sleeper myself 🙁 I’d like to give your idea a go though if I’m lucky enough to win 🙂

  2. Angela

    While sex is a great way to relieve stress, since my surgery I have to prioritise where my energy goes. Putting the boys to bed and getting the dishes done or jumping in the sack for some fun. As it is I am doing too much. This may just help me relieve a little stress without having to romp around and use my valuable tummy muscles and energy.

  3. Rachel Kriss-Newell

    Well for a child it means reading them a quiet book in bed, patting them and laying down beside them as they nod off. If all else fails go for the psychosomatic ‘sleeping tablet’ – a placebo replacement tablet, aka Tic Tac, usually relaxes them into the land of nod.

    For adults (besides the well versed playtime between the sheets, as mentioned in previous entries) I go for a foot soak with lavender oil drops, a foot massage from hubby – if he’s still up, a warm milo and a few pages of a book. The TV usually leaves my mind in overdrive so I try to avoid the tellie for 1/2 hour before I go off to bed.

  4. Karen (coffeelover)

    Definitely a mind blowing orgasm is the way to go. But yes as parents & busy people life sometimes has other ideas.
    Another good one for me is a long soak in the bath with a LUSH bathbomb…then a mind blowing orgasm

  5. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I’m so exhausted from everyday life that I usually have no trouble going to sleep – unfortunately my husband is not so lucky and usually has to read in order to fall asleep. If I could bring myself to stay awake enough for a bit of nookie, that could very well be the answer for both of us!!!

  6. Zita

    I am lucky enough not to have too many dramas getting to sleep but when I do I use some dream sleep spray stuff I got from the Body Shop that you spray on the pillow! As a single girl I much prefer the sound of your little gadget though! Hope you got a good nights rest!! :))

  7. Ness

    I don’t usually have too much trouble falling asleep, thankfully. I’m not sure I’d get away with having one of those contraptions as our house is small and there seems to be nowhere to hide from inquisitive boys. I’d definitely have a difficult time explaining it if they found it! Eeeeek….

  8. Megan

    As a person who suffers periodically from insomnia I find there are several things that I know I SHOULDN’T do. Drinking alcohol is a biggie, I will initially pass out & then find myself awake at 3am staring at the ceiling. Also eating too big a dinner & eating too much chocolate.
    Having a hot shower before bed relaxes me & gets my body ready for sleep mode. But without a doubt the best tonic I have found is, like you, the big O. My preferred method is via cunnilingus because I get to: a) lie down, b) not have to do any work (because I’m lazy) & c) enjoy the sensation of being completely taken by my lover. Sure beats popping a pill. 🙂

  9. Diana

    Get out of bed and do something productive, or something frivolous like watch a movie or something else you enjoy. Your body will tire soon enough, so no point laying in bed stressing about being unable to sleep. Most times I’ve found as soon as I get up to do something, I get tired and am in bed snoozing before I know it.

  10. Susan

    When I find myself tossing and turning for a prolonged period during the night I now think ‘right, this isn’t working, I’m going to feel like a zombie tomorrow, time to get up for a while’ and I get out of bed. Sounds simple but I used to resist doing this (didn’t want to acknowledge my insomnia to myself and thought essentially I “should” be able to relax and sleep if I just lay there longer). Now I just accept reality (that tonight I’m having trouble sleeping & that if I face this & get up & watch tv for a while, because I’m not a book person, I’ll sleep better after & feel waaay better during the day). Then I watch something I’ve taped on tv until I find myself barely able to stay awake & stumble back into bed snappy tom and usually fall fast asleep.

    By the way, I’m currently single & have never used an adult toy. It’s never crossed my mind that using one could help me fall asleep but I’m intrigued and willing to test the theory should I win.

  11. Sharon Fawcett

    When I have difficulty sleeping I work my way through the alphabet naming 5 things that start with each letter for a particular topic. For example I might name animals, countries, food etc, usually by the time I get to ‘G’ I’m well and truly asleep. I’ve been doing this for a number of years and it never fails.

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  13. Vicky Wanless

    Sounds boring but doing a crossword in a book make me tired and fall to sleep. But not on your iPad has to be the old fashioned book, no lights I your face.

  14. Kim Hodgon

    When I have exhausted the A B C … Z game, naming a male, female, animal, place and vehicle…. bugger still awake, I then start meditating, three paths too choose, to venture into the woods, what type of handsome prince, palace, environment will I find myself?? These dreams always end up very erotic, satisfying and often they last all night!! No ipods, pads or phones required here, just good ole imagination!! hehe…

  15. Teena Lewis

    Lots of exercise and go outdoors and be in the fresh air, I always sleep well when I have been out and about all day. I didn’t learn this until I had kids and use to take them outside in the afternoons and they started sleeping through the night!

  16. Kathleen Donnelly

    I wish i knew it takes me hours to get to sleep, but when i stay at my mans place if i scratch his back hes snoring his head off in minutes (usually in sync with his dog) and the harder i scratch the quicker it knocks him out . He has tried scratching mine but that just tickles.

  17. Mystery Case

    Oh gosh, where do I start. Top tip for sleep probably shouldn’t come from me, when I struggle to sleep BUT I have had success with cutting out ALL coffee and no electronic devices (battery operated would be ok) in the bedroom.

  18. Rebecca McCrae

    For me I write down whatever seems to be on my mind on a piece of paper, then pick up a good book…does it everytime, but for husband a little fun in the bedroom and he’s right off to sleep straight away afterwards. 🙂

  19. ashlee

    I know it sounds silly buy I suffer from severe anxiety and I found that when laying down in bed actually saying goodnight to the parts of my body (head, neck, arms, fingers, etc) from top to bottom relaxes me. It takes my mind off everything else and allows me to close my eyes and relax.

  20. Rebecca Treloar

    I like to have a hot bath, limit my caffeine after lunch time and get some exercise (any type go for a walk/run, swim, chase the kids in the park, etc and yes even have some fun in the bedroom) when I’m going through a non sleeping faze.


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