Awesome Alphabet of Me

All I can say is thank the heavens for list posts!  I’ve pinched this awesome one from Em at Have a Laugh on Me (with my own answers of course!) because it’s 11pm on Wednesday night and I’ve just realised that I am indeed hosting The Lounge this week but I haven’t written a damn thing!  Oops!

So I bring to you, the A-Z of me..with an awesome twist!


A.  If you were an animal what would you be?

A tiger.  I’ve just always loved the majestic nature of them.

B.  Books: What’s on your reading list?

Jack Reacher series by Lee Childs at the moment.  I am up to book 10 and love the ease of the stories.

C.  Compulsive about anything?

All of the cutlery must go in their spots.  Don’t mess with my cutlery draw.

D.  Dreams…Do you dream in colour?  Remember your dreams?  Keep a dream journal?

Since I started the medication that I am currently on, my dreams have become really vivid.  Some nights it is hard to determine whether it was a dream or if it really happened..because my dreams are about such mundane things!

E.  Eating..what’s your usual snack?

I’m really bad at the whole paying attention when I eat so anything that I can eat while plugging away at the computer is awesome.

F.  A few of your favourite things..

The smell of freshly mowed grass and that first rain after an absolute stinker of a day.

G.  Giggles..what or who makes you laugh?

I’m a bit of a fan of toilet humour.  The more stupid the better..although I draw the line at Borat.

H.  Major HOT button.

People who take advantage of others and constantly play the victim.

I.  I am…

Fantabulously awesome.

J.  Job..what was your first one?

I worked in a post office sorting mail.  I actually enjoyed it.

K.  Also KNOWN as..alias, screen names, nicknames?

Babe (my parents), Teegs, Teng, T.  The awesome one…ok that one might just be in my head.


Clean sheet night, especially if it coincides with deforestation of the legs night!

M.  How do you feel about MEETING people?

I’m a nervous wreck most of the time so I usually end up blurting something out that is completely stupid.

N.  What’s the story of your NAME?

My mum picked it because it wasn’t very popular when I was born (88).  Now it seems to be everywhere!

O.  Observant..what’s around you right now?

A television with a cop show on it, toys and a dog who missed me while I was at the movies.

P.  People..who are the special people in your life at the moment?

Mr 5, Paul, family, and my awesome friends.

Q.  Quirks..about you.

I have a tooth that has grown weird out of my gum…sometimes when I smile it sits nicely on my bottom lip.  It freaks Paul the fuck out..I think it’s awesome!

R.  What do you do for RECREATION?

That’s being active right?  Yeh we don’t do that.

S. you sing in the shower?  In the car?

I sing, I’m bad at it but I do it.  Mr 5 thinks it’s awesome that I know all the words to the Jimmy Giggle songs.

T.  What’s at the top of your TO-DO list?

Everything..which is why I’m not doing anything.

U.  Any UNUSUAL experiences?

I was part of the schools dance in Longreach when the Olympic Torch went through for the 2000 Olympics.

V.  Vegas, Vienna, far have you travelled?

I have hardly travelled at all, in face I have only been out of the state properly once!

W.  Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn..what is your favourite season?

I’m a summer babe..but I love the days we have been having lately where it’s a nice mild temp during the day and cool at night.

X.  eXes..

are better off in the past, they are an example of what you shouldn’t go back to!

Y.  Any secret YEARNINGS?

Well they wouldn’t be a secret if I told you now would they?

Z.  Zero to Zenith..where are you in your life?

I’m still taking life one baby step at a time.  I’m not where I saw myself being when I was younger, but right now that’s ok.

Have you done an A-Z post recently?  Learned anything you didn’t know?

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13 thoughts on “Awesome Alphabet of Me

  1. Zita

    Love this idea… Great way to get to know more about someone! I too love fresh sheets on a bed, it’s the making the bed I have a problem with! Might steal this idea!

    1. Tegan Post author

      Yes I hate making the bed too! Although I do only have a fitted sheet to put on, so really I’m just being damn lazy.

    1. Tegan Post author

      I really need to either just bite the bullet and get them waxed or not leave it so long in between sessions!

  2. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    So I only got notice tonight that you linked to my post now! Saturday night – BOOM! A few vodkas down so watch out…………… Firstly you are 10 years younger than me, bless, 1988, 78 girl right here.
    J for job, my first job was collecting pine cones and cracking walnuts on the farm where I grew up!!
    And I have to agree about clean sheets, best thing EVER!

    1. Tegan Post author

      I only got the notice for the links to my own site tonight! Which, between you and me I think is ludicrous that I should have to approve back links from my own site!


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