Cold be gone

Hi everyone!  Welcome to The Lounge!  It’s just a short one from me today because I fear I am drowning in snot.  So settle in, make yourself at home and share the post you are most proud of.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I missed winter this year because it was non existent.  I take it all back, you win Mother Nature so you can bugger off now.  I get it, you are mighty and all of that shit.

While those in the southern states may scoff at what I am calling cold..just remember in summer we are calling you all wimps right back 😉

rockhampton weather musingsAs a result of this cold snap, which I thought we had dodged, I’ve not got a head cold.  It started a stuffy head and has now grown into a full blown runny nose, head aches and just feeling generally shit.  I hate being sick and I complain a lot when I’m sick so let’s hope, for the sake of those around me, that this one is short lived!

How’s the weather at your place?  Have you managed to dodge the winter cold so far?

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7 thoughts on “Cold be gone

  1. Lydia C. Lee

    It’s cold and I’ve a hideous cough that’s been around 3 weeks!! I’m off to play in the snow tonight, so that will no doubt ruin me…but what can you do??

  2. Robo

    The weather here is fresh, not freezing yet. The big freeze will, of course, set in when I have to get up super early for work… Get better soon hun!

  3. ann

    Hope you are feeling better soon!!
    It has been extra cold here, apparently the coldest it has been for 2 years. I love it though, any excuse for flannelette pjs and blankets and hot water bottles!!

  4. Emma Fahy Davis

    Ha ha, I have to laugh – I’ve just popped in to catch up as I haven’t been by in a week or so and would you believe I just tonight posted about our glorious Sydney winter! It IS cold tho, bloody freezing!


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