Are you going to eat that?

This week I must confess is about weird and wonderful food that we have tried.  I play it pretty safe when it comes to food, if it looks or sounds gross then I don’t eat it.  I also tend to like a food prepared one way and one way only.  Picky? Who me?  Never!

  1. Last year was the first time that I tried Oysters.  I prefer them natural because I am worried about choking on the ‘bits’ when they are served Kilpatrick.
  2. When I was younger my Mum and I convinced my Dad to eat Ostrich by telling him that it was crumbed steak.  He said there wasn’t really much difference.
  3. I love raw carrot and snow peas…cannot stand them cooked unless they are doused in so much sauce that their true flavour is disguised.
  4. I think that the burgers are better at Hungry Jack’s but McDonalds does better fries.
  5. I couldn’t touch a wrap of any description for nearly 3 years after getting out of prison.  That’s what we had every single day for lunch…with a ‘special’ egg and lettuce on Friday.
  6. I don’t like tomato sauce and it kind of grosses me out.
  7. Dried fruit should not be in chocolate…ever.
  8. My favourite ice cream flavour is Sara Lee’s Butterscotch and Honeycomb.  It should only be eaten out of the tub, it just tastes better that way.
  9. I always order the same thing when I go out to a restaurant because I am worried that if I get something different that it will be horrid and I will have wasted a meal out.  It’s also why I take so long to choose a meal at a new restaurant.
  10. I don’t see the big fascination with bacon.  I’m not a huge fan of it, especially if it’s fried.

Do you have any food confessions?

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11 thoughts on “Are you going to eat that?

  1. Lydia C. Lee

    you’ve confused me that there is any other way to eat bacon????? Def natural because cooked oysters are gross (and yes, I’m aware of the irony)
    If I love something in a restaurant, I won’t order anything else (for your reasons) but then spend the meal wondering if I’m missing out on something even better….

  2. ann

    Chocolate hot cross buns are the devils food!!
    Love all your quirks!! I am not a big raw carrot fan but love it cooked, especially roasted!!
    I am now feeling like hungry jacks, thanks!!

  3. Ness

    Oysters are gross but I like prawns. I was thinking the same thing as Lydia – not sure there is any other way to cook bacon? Maybe grilled, I guess. I can’t believe I’ve never tried that Ice cream. Sounds divine.

  4. Zita

    I have never tried oysters…they just look gross, and anything that looks gross just cannot be held towards my lips! lol…
    I am sorry but I am a big lover of bacon and the crispier the better!!
    I also love raw carrot and snow peas and would also add raw cauliflower to that list! Much prefer it raw than cooked.

  5. Angela

    Yes, absolute blasphemy to put any type of fruit in chocolate!!
    My fave icecream is hokey pokey, I may just have to buy the sara lee icecream now though.
    I too like to order the same thing when I go out, and usually take so much time tossing up whether to try something else as it would be great, but is it worth the risk lol!
    And bacon? Well I will eat it. I do like it on a bacon and egg muffin but when frying eggs I don’t cook it unless I am really in the mood.

  6. Alison

    Mussels in vinegar. An sweet apple with a big bite out of it filled with salt and vinegar dry roasted peanuts. A sandwich with potted meat on white bread and salt and vinegar crisps on the side. I like to try odd things, conflicting flavours. I will try almost anything new, at least once. Have had snails, lambs brains, all kinds of oysters.

    Trying to catch up on all your older posts now. Sorry for being a shite reader! So much going on at the moment. The reason I put yours off is that I usually have to actually think about your posts and really consider my responses. But food never takes much in the way thought, to mangle a phrase…


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