I think I might be a man

The following post looks at the stereotypes that men and women face.  These stereotypes are often black and white, not taking into account the feelings of individuals.  Stereotypes are just as harmful to mental health as stigma.  The thought that a man or a woman must act a certain way has often been attributed to the difficulties people feel in asking for help.  A man is expected to ‘man up’ and not feel depressed while a woman in hormonal and irrational, not to be taken seriously.

While the examples I have included may seem flippant and shallow, they have the potential to cause harm to take them as gospel.  PsychAlive states that stereotyping a person because of their sex is often used as a way to pit the sexes against each other.  For example, using the stereotype of men being tough, it implies that women by default are weak.I think I might be a man

Last week I was watching My Kitchen Rules and the challenge was to make a romantic meal.  One of the teams used beef.  According to judges this wasn’t a suitable meat choice because a woman wouldn’t want to eat beef on a date.  I think I might be a man.

According to Weekend Today all women wear make all the time.  It’s also important to make sure you sneak off to the bathroom before your date wakes ‘the morning after’ to put on your face. I think I might be a man.

Apparently ladies do not swear, or use bad words.  I think I might be a man.

Men don’t see the mess unless it is pointed out to them.  They are happy to overlook an pile of clothes on the bathroom floor. I think I might be a man.

Women do not pass wind and jokes about it are not funny. I think I might be a man.

A mother will instinctively hear their babies cry while they are sleeping, while the father will sleep through the noise. I think I might be a man.

If a woman asks how she looks, tell her she looks fine or she will get mad.  I think I might be a man.

I have seen this post making it’s way through my social media.  I do about half of those things.  I think I might be a man

Women enjoy Romantic Comedies and force their partners to watch them.  Men enjoy action movies.  I think I might be a man.

They seem a bit ridiculous when the stereotypes are laid out like that don’t they?  Does it really matter at the end of the day if a person doesn’t fit a predetermined mould?  As long as a person is happy then I think that is all that matters.  After all they are the ones who have to live with themselves.

Do you think you might be a man after reading those stereotypes?  Or maybe you think you’re really a woman trapped in a man’s body.  What stereotypes have you come across that have been harmful to someone you know?

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