Cynically Unpopular

This week for I must confess the prompt is what popular movies/novels should you have read/seen but actually haven’t.  I have been thinking about this one all week but in my usual procrastination I have only just sat down to write about it the night before.

As soon as a book or movie become insanely popular and people start gushing over it…I avoid it like the plague.  I am naturally cynical of anything that everyone  seems to love and thinks is the best thing ever.  I also hate the disappointment when I do read/watch it and it turns out to be completely dismal.

50 Shades of Grey I’ve read excerpts of it and it made my brain hurt.  I will admit that my grammar isn’t always the best but if I have to correct as I am reading then a book loses all credibility.

Twilight I have seen one of the movies.  It was 2 hours of my life that I will never ever get back.  It made a mess of everything that is good about vampire movies.  I refuse to read the books, supposedly they are better but that was also said to me by people who thought the movies were good..

Hunger Games I have read the series and was disappointed.  The sentence structure was appalling and the storyline in the 2nd and 3rd book could have easily been condensed into one book.  I watched the first movie but I don’t think I will be watching the rest.  Jennifer Lawrence did an awesome job as Katniss but the movie missed out so much of the action (usually its the other way around) and they grabbed parts from the second book..which makes me wonder what they used to fill the next two movies.

One of the few books/movies that has lived up the hype (and I’m going to reveal my inner nerd here) is Harry Potter.  I started reading it after seeing the first movie and I was sucked into the wizard world.  Of course like all avid readers I declared that the movies where no where near as good as the books.  I was able to name parts that were missed out but still I loved seeing one of my favourite books turned into the big screen version.

I have to admit though that I haven’t seen a new release movie with an M rating for nearly 12 months.  Every time I talk myself into seeing something at the movies there never seems to be anything on that takes my fancy!  I have seen nearly every kids move that’s been released though!

Do you avoid movies/books because they are popular?

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12 thoughts on “Cynically Unpopular

  1. Pinky Poinker

    The list of movies nominated for Oscars this year were all great Tegan so if you do get a chance to watch an M rated movie I’d suggest Philomena, Twelve Years a Slave, and Dallas Buyers Club. All completely different but worth the effort. Especially Jared Leto in DBC. PS. I never get to watch kid’s movies anymore which is probably a shame 🙂

  2. Lydia C. lee

    Once a book gets too popular, I assume I’ll hate it, so then I don’t bother…so I guess I am a little the same. In my defence, if I do read it, I usually do hate it…so maybe I just know my own tastes…

  3. Mystery Case

    I must admit I have no desire at all to read 50 shades of grey. I sometimes think I should because it is mentioned or referred to often but considering I’m time poor and have 50 other books on my must read list I’m going to give it a miss and wait for the movie.

  4. lisa

    I still haven’t found any joy with any of the ones who have mentioned apart from Harry Potter. I tend to always think the book is better than the book & I hate it when Hollywood changes the ending of a fantastic book.

  5. Ness

    I’ve never watched or read any of those either. I never seem to ‘get’ a lot of things that other people love. Meanwhile I’ve obsessed over Karen Carpenter for over 30 years so I accept that I may be the weird one.

  6. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I was nodding all the way through this Tegan. I think I’m the same, if something becomes insanely popular I refuse to join the rush. The exception being, like you, Harry Potter. I love the wizarding world of Hogwarts!

  7. Zita

    I am the same as you!!! Once people start raving about things it turns me off it! I am not interested in Twilight, HP, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Hunger Games…nope! None of them interest me in the slightest!!
    (I will confess to reading all the 50 Shades series… ! lol)

  8. Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy

    To be quite honest, I don’t really consider anythings popularity as to whether I watch it/buy it or not. Whether it’s a book, movie, clothing etc. it’s always because I like it and never because it’s what’s popular.

  9. Alison

    Actually, yes, sometimes I do. I used to avoid all Oprah’s book choices, I decided after one attempt that as a book reviewer she made a fine talk show host. Read the first of the Gray books (it was given to me free, thank frack I never paid for that horse dribbe – this comment for the win … “but if I have to correct as I am reading then a book loses all credibility.” 😀

    The Twihlight books were bloody awful, very poorly written (or at least the first one was, never got past number 1), and I speak as a sad sack who actually watched all the movies.

    I do like the movies of the Hunger Games though. Katniss is a fab role model, strong, smart, uses all her skills as a hunter, doesn’t want to hurt anybody but will if he has to defend herself and her loved ones, and not obsessed solely by boys. Plus I am a massive sci fi fan/fantasy fan. Basically I went because I liked the look of the trailers and was not disappointed. Hanging out for number 3 ;0

    1. Alison

      That should have been a 🙂 at the end. Tiny screen syndrome. Oh and PS, I ADORED Harry Potter the movies. Not the turgid books, though my kids did like those. We used to always take the day off school and go and see the new HP in the Gold Lounge of the movies as a treat. Good memories 🙂


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