Autumn Rain: Para’Kito Giveaway

*I received 2 arm bands and 2 Mosquito Protection Clips from Para’Kito.  All opinions are my own*

I live in what is considered the tropics so mosquitoes are a given.  Add in 500mm of rain over 48 hours and you have the little blighters in plague proportions.  Even in the middle of the day they are swarming around.

Mosquitoes love me, they always have.  In summer my mum used to wrap my legs in bandages to try and stop me from itching at night.  Right now my legs look like I’ve had a fight with a bitumen highway.  No one has to worry about getting bitten when I’m around because they flock my way.

The trouble with a lot of bug sprays are that they smell gross, feel greasy and are as expensive as hell.  Especially when it’s so hot you have to keep reapplying because you keep sweating it off.  I seem to always forget to take it with us when we go out too.  They aren’t much use sitting on the kitchen bench at home!

When I read about the products from Para’Kito I was excited to try them out.  They promised to provide an organic solution to those itchy critters.  Paro’Kito’s products are safe for all members of the family as there is no direct contact with the skin.  So no need to worry about skin irritation in little babes or the effects on your unborn child.

para'kito productEach polymer pellet contains a blend of 7 essential oils including lavender, geranium, citronella, pine tree, patchouli, clove and peppermint.  Paro’Kito boasts that together, these ingredients mask a person’s natural scent for up to 15 days, making them invisible to mosquitoes.  The products also work in water which is perfect for the Australian lifestyle.

Mr 4 and I trialled these products in the afternoon, when the mosquitoes are at their worst and I was happy with the results.  I did notice the mosquitoes buzzing around but I wasn’t being bitten anywhere near as much.  I think that I must just be especially susceptible because Mr 4 didn’t get bitten at all.  The smell was a little overpowering at first but it was a pleasant smell so it didn’t take long to get used to.

The arm band was great for Mr 4 because it was easy to put on his arm and let him go on his way.  Anyone with lively 4 year olds know how hard it is to pin them down long enough to spray some insect repellant on.  There is also a clip on available which is great for attaching to the pram, a back pack or the loop on your pants.  The little pellet just slips into the netted compartment and you are good to go!

The awesome people at Para’Kito also have a pack available for one lucky reader.  I have up for grabs a pack including:

2 x Para’Kito wrist bands (with two refills) – $24.95                                                                                      1 x Para’Kito clip (with two refills) – $24.95 each                                                                                           1 x Para’Kito refill pack – $15.95 each                                                                                                      Total value: $90.80

All you have to do to be in the running to win the pack is leave a blog post answering the following question:  “What outdoor activity would the Para’Kito make easier?”  

Remember to make your answers creative because the most creative wins!  Entries close at 10pm on the 29th of April.

Terms and Conditions.

  1. The competition begins on Tuesday the 15th day of April 2014 and closes at 10pm on the 29th day of April 2014.
  2. All decisions made are final.
  3. The winner has 48 hours after being contacted by email to answer, or the prize will be redrawn.
  4. The competition is open to Australian Residents only.
  5. Entrants must answer the question ‘“What outdoor activity would the Para’Kito make easier?”’ in order to be eligible to win the prize.
  6. The winner will receive one prize pack from Para’Kito to the value of $90.80.
  7. One entry per household. 

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33 thoughts on “Autumn Rain: Para’Kito Giveaway

  1. ann

    I am a magnet for them too!! How are you holding up in the floods??

    These would make sitting around the bar in Fiji drinking cocktails even more enjoyable!!

  2. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    My kids detest bug spray and so do I so I love the look of these. I would give them ALL to my children so they can play outside during witching hour and give me some peace, because right now they’re shit-scared of mossies and annoy the crap out of me when I’m trying to throw something together for dinner 🙂

  3. Bec @ The Plumbette

    The family BBQ outside. We went over to a friends place on Saturday night and even though I sprayed myself, I have counted 10 bites on my underarms and shoulders!! Sounds like these would also be great for camping.

  4. Di

    The activity that is life, living it to the fullest, fun with family, fun with friends, here, there and everywhere! Nothing worse than pesky little biters feasting on you.

  5. Becc

    Absolutely everything! Dropping Mr4 off at school, sitting in the backyard, entertaining in the backyard, going for walks. I could go on……
    I am just like you and the Mozzies flock to me. We must be really tasty 🙂
    We are not in the tropics but do live uphill from a swampy section of a river, so I can never go out without smothering myself in repellent. Which sends me into sneezes. Oh, how I hate mozzies.

  6. carmen

    Camping… we have mosquitoes everywhere when we camp! It would certainly help convince my 8 yo ASD son that camping is fun!

    Now that would make life much easier. 🙂 xx

  7. Grace

    Outdoor cinemas! Hate it when I’m already to relax and have a great time watching a movie in a big wide open space and I end up slapping and scratching my ankles all night! Grrrr!
    Love that it’s organic!

  8. Caitlin

    I’d put it on my son, who is a very tasty child, when he went outdoors. The mossies and every other insect just love him, poor little vegemite.

  9. Kylah (@Zest e-Biz)

    These would be fantastic for camping occasions at the top of the Burrup Peninsula in Northern Western Australia when your parter (not mentioning anyone in particular) gets so drunk that he KO’s on the beach and when I lovingly drag him into the tent in the middle of the night to prevent him from getting bitten, only to let god knows how many sand flies in and get bitten myself (over 69 bites on one arm!!) and he gets none!

    If I don’t win this, he can stay outside the tent on the beach next time 😉

  10. Wendy S

    It would be handy to have these for when we go geocaching, we always seem to end up finding geocaches that the mossies have already located!

  11. Kelly Delarue

    With the family shooting arrows the bugs just love to bite But when participating in Archery the last thing you want is a fright Para’Kito would be perfect Its efficient , compact and light And would keep us well protected well into the night

  12. Kristina Snowden

    School time lunch & recess play, with the bushland and creeks that surround the mozzies are terrible, my Miss 8 is a mozzie magnet too 🙁

  13. Michelle V

    One of my daughters is allergic to mosquito bites so this would be a life-saver for her.
    We are an active family, so we would use them on our Sunday outings at national parks, at bbq’s, or when walking or riding our bikes.

  14. Melissa Jones

    BBQ in the park. These little vampires have their feast when we have ours. But they’re happier than us because they don’t lose anything.

  15. Jennifer B.

    Leaders can’t be paying 110% attention to their charges if they’re busy swatting mozzies… A Para’Kito for we scout leaders would make our weekend bush camps far more pleasant!

  16. Helen

    We have a bus stop in front of our house, people leave all sorts of rubbish in and around it. I have cleaned up everything from food, wine bottles and even knickers from our front yard. Having to fight off mozzies at the same time is one more irritation!

  17. melanie w

    This would come in handy when taking the children to the park, we have great parks where we live but unfortunately some are quite overrun with mozzies.


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