If I could start over..

This week for I must confess the prompt is ‘ if you could do it all over again (or if you did have a blog), what would your blog name be and why?’.

I must confess that there have been times over the last few months where I have thought about changing my blog name but I have no idea to what.  The reason behind my second guessing is the sheer amount of ‘musings’ blogs there are out there.

I must confess that if I had my time over again I would probably research the name a little better so that I could get something a little more unique.  I am pretty unoriginal when it comes to making up usernames etc so I usually just use a variation of my initials.

I must confess that I wouldn’t changed my blog URL to my own name.  I have thought about it but it doesn’t really appeal to me.

I must confess that if I did change my URL to my name my Google results would probably be better because at the moment the first page of search results for my name is all things that I have posted somewhere on the internet.  It makes the whole google your name and see what comes up quite boring.

I must confess that I most likely spent hours trying to come up with the name for my blog..I really am that unimaginative when it comes to making up names.  I do however wish that I had picked something a bit smaller.  Typing Musings of the Misguided into the search bar etc gets a bit monotonous.

I must confess that when it all comes down to it though I really do love the name of my blog.  Even if it is a name that is a bit overdone.  Even if it is a pain in the arse to type sometimes.  It has become a little part of me and I love the places that it has taken me.  If you had told me 3 years ago that I would know all of the awesome people that I do, I wouldn’t believe you.

I must confess that I am loving the space that I have created.  I love the feedback that I get and I love that I have this space to talk about Mental Health and it’s effects.  I love that I am doing my part to help rid the world of the stigma attached to mental illness.  I love the people that my blog has allowed me to meet, both online and in real life.

I must confess that I probably wouldn’t change a thing.

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23 thoughts on “If I could start over..

  1. Vanessa

    I’ve wondered if I should change mine but I don’t know what to, so clearly I don’t think about it too much…at least people will always think I’m 26 haha.

  2. Vanessa @ babblingbandit.me

    Musings of the Misguided is a good name for a blog focusing on mental health.

    I go in and out of liking babbling bandit. When I first started blogging it was to journal my experience getting a lapband, hence the ‘bandit’ bit. The babbling bit was because I had no confidence in my writing and thought it would all be just, well, babblings.

    I have more confidence in my writing now, but I do tend to write long posts so the babbling bit still fits. The bandit bit is not so relevant though as I hardly blog about my lapband any more, at least it certainly isn’t my number one focus. Not as much as mental health is.

    If I could click my fingers and all my social media accounts, email address and urls would just change, I would definitely change the name of my blog to Virtual Vanessa. I’ve always liked my first name and I actually own the url virtualvanessa.com.au as I was thinking of starting a Virtual Assistant business with that name last year. It all seems too hard though. I’ve been blogging under babblingbandit.me for four years now so I guess I’ll stick with it.

    I love my blog though, despite the name. I love the look and feel of it. Sometimes I get tempted to move to WordPress but I see so many people struggling with maintaining it through the Aussie Bloggers FB page that it has put me off. Blogger is so easy!


    1. Tegan Post author

      Google is my friend when it comes to doing anything on my blog. There are times when I miss the simplicity of blogger but I also love that there is so much more that I can do with wordpress. I wish the spam would bugger off though!

  3. Ness

    I love the name Musings Of The Misguided even though you are anything but misguided in your attempts to bring awareness to mental health issues. You should definitely be proud of this space and never change a thing. Unless you want to. It’s up to you, really. But I don’t think you need to change. xo

    1. Tegan Post author

      I often wonder if people are turned off by the misguided part..that how could the take advice from someone who is misguided. Then I realised that there is nothing straight forward about mental illness and we are all still learning. No one has all of the answers and in a way we are all a little misguided.

  4. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Yes I think you name is a good fit, and I agree it’s so nice to have a blog and meet people IRL and online who are supportive and interested in hearing what others have to say. You really are making a difference and should be applauded for that.
    I should have called mine, Have A Laugh On Me Sometimes, because really I’m not that funny – but oh well, too lazy to change and imagine all the drama with new social media stuff – UGH xx

    1. Tegan Post author

      Thank you for your kind words Emily, it really means a lot.

      I think you’re pretty funny and love your no bullshit outlook on life.

  5. Beth

    I think when we come up with a name for our blogs, we never actual fathom that there may be branding or social media engagement at the level it is now. For me anyways, I am sure I could have come up with a far better name than what popped into my head when signing up to blogger lol. I never thought it through very well at all tbh.

  6. Alison

    I like your blog name, it suits your style.

    I was perfectly happy with oculus mundi and if I was to blog again would keep that. Most people had no idea what it meant, and it’s a name I’ve loved for years. It means, by the by, The eye of the world, nicked from a Clive Barker book if memory serves.

    It’s the name I would pick for my bookshop. If I was a millionaire, I would open a bookshop. Not a big, sparkly place with loud music and giant windows selling best sellers and Oprah’s book choices (yuck!), but on the outside it would be small, a scuffed green double door, bevelled windows, a little golden sign above the door with a golden eye on a black background saying oculus mundi. It would be up a back alley, you would have to know about it or stumble across it, and inside it would be massive, dark and winding, lots of twists and turns, easy to get lost in, full to the brim of first editions and older books and the sort of books that deserve to be read. It would have those great big ladders on wheels with the curvy bits at the top, little corners with reading chairs and those green reading lamps on tables throwing out pools of light in the gloom. People could spend hours there reading and not buy a thing if they wanted. It wouldn’t make much money, naturally, it would be a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

    But since I couldn’t manage that I opened the blog instead 🙂

  7. Mystery Case

    I think your blog name works and couldn’t imagine a better name. I’m still not convinced Mystery Case works but it has definitely grown on me and I would struggle to come up with something more suited to me.

  8. Zita

    I think you loving your name is the most important thing, and I think it does a wonderful job describing what you and your blog are all about! I also love the work that you are doing in bringing awareness to Mental Illness… I for one, find it very informative and thought provoking! Go you!

  9. Psych Babbler

    I like the name of your blog…I think it fits well with the stuff you blog about and particularly all the mental health issues. I do understand though the whole ‘musings’ thing…lots of blogs with the name. 🙂 But hey, it’s meaningful and I love alliterations so it really resonates with me… 🙂

  10. Grace

    I love your blog name! It definitely struck a chord with me when I first discovered it.
    I think if we start worrying what name will work for the Google search ranks – we’ll never be satisfied. Stick to what you know and you’ll always be authentic. But I didn’t need to tell you that x


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