Brain Dump: The confession edition

A good brain dump is good for the soul.  A confessional brain dump is like chicken soup for the soul.

I must confess that I cried quite a few times while watching Frozen.

I must confess that I own an iron but I’m not 100% sure where it is and in the 8 years since I was given it I haven’t used it once.

I must confess that I don’t like needles.  I can’t see the needle before I get my injection or blood test.  I don’t faint but I have myself convinced that it hurts more if I can see the needle.

I mus confess that I don’t like coffee but I love the smell of it brewing.  I have tried to like coffee but I just can’t do it.  I can’t even drink mocha.

I must confess that I still have my Christmas tree up.  It’s staring at me from next to the television but I just couldn’t be arsed to pack it all away.  I am seriously considering just throwing a blanket over it.

I must confess I have an abnormality in the front right temporal lobe of my brain that has the potential to cause seizures.  I have never had a seizure but the first GP that my parents took me to wondered if my self harming behaviour was a result of a seizure.

I must confess that I really don’t understand the point of those restaurants you go to where you cook your own meat.  Why go to all the trouble of going out to dinner if you have to cook it yourself?  I’d rather stay at home where I can eat my steak in my underwear.

I must confess that I when I was 8 I had a very short pixie cut.  It was a compromise with my initial hairstyle desire which was to have a buzz cut like my dad.  I had hair half way down my back and the hair dresser refused to do it.

I must confess when I used to swim competitively I would always get disqualified doing breaststroke because one of my feet turns in when I kick.  Breaststroke is also not the easy stroke that it looks.

I must confess that I’ve never been able to walk properly in heels but I love them.  I don’t like feeling that the ground isn’t flat underneath me so I don’t wear heels a lot.  Even wedges worry me.  I am fine if I am just going shopping in them though!

Linking up with Kirsty from My Home Truths for I must confess.

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18 thoughts on “Brain Dump: The confession edition

  1. Alison

    Sorry to hear about the lesion, hope it never causes a seizure! There are restaurants where you bring your own meat? Bizarre. I am with you on the home in the undies bit, I’d be in my trusty sarong of course. I do like a bit of Teppanyaki (I cannot be bothered to check the spelling) though. I must confess – erm, I can’t think of anything I pretty much tell you everything I am willing to share as it is.

    Oh, here’s something – I have a thing for men in uniforms and will happily go to see a movie just to see a hot male actor even if the movie is total crap 🙂

    1. Tegan Post author

      They provide the just have to cook it. Although I did say to a friend last night I wonder what they’d say if you just rocked up with your own meat lol!

      Well there you go, I didn’t know you were a watch a movie just for the hunk of man meat kind of girl too! Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were the only reasons I watched Fast and the Furious.

      1. Alison

        Poor Paul Walker, that was so sad. Have never seen those movies, neither of them are really my type, I am sure they would be devastated to know 😀

        Well, I STILL say bugger cooking it myself, I can burn my own meat at home in my sarong 🙂

  2. Mystery Case

    Lol I can’t walk properly in flats. I own two irons and have never, ever used them. I have a real phobia when it comes to needles, 1. I tend to pass out from low blood pressure and do an injury and 2. a nurse once broke the needle in my arm and left it there while she went for help.

    Great confessional!

    1. Tegan Post author

      Lol that’s interesting that you can’t walk properly in flats!

      Ouch, I’ve had a Dr snap a needle in my arm and it’s no fun at all!

  3. Dorothy

    Would never go to a restaurant where I do the cooking. I mean, what’s the point? And heels? Worn them a few times in my 20s, but honestly can’t walk in them, or wear them for more than five minutes. Haven’t worn any for at least 20 years and surprisingly the world hasn’t ended.

  4. Ness

    I don’t understand those ‘cook your own meat’ restaurants either. Bugger that. I’m also with you on the needles and high heels. And I seriously hope you never have a seizure. xo

  5. Emma Fahy Davis

    Oh man, breaststroke certainly isn’t easy! I was a distance freestyle and butterfly champ back in the day, could never master the breaststroke kick.
    I also cried (a lot) watching Frozen. I saw a lot of parallels between being and addict and Elsa’s gift – both only serve to harm those we most love – so it was a challenging watch for me.

  6. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I love brain dump confessions – they are so good for the soul! I must confess that I haven’t yet seen Frozen but I tend to get emotional in kids movies (still can’t watch Up without bawling) so I’m sure I’ll shed tears when I eventually see it…

  7. lisa

    A great brain dump this week…love hearing of all the little random bits of your life. Haven’t seen Frozen yet but will get to it & bring the tissues!! Breaststroke was my best stroke-I could never do butterfly-that one is so hard.

  8. Janet @ Redland City Living

    I’m with you on the coffee! It smells divine but … blech. I do have a cup of instant in the mornings; when I am out I tend to have a half strength or decaf vanilla latte which is sweet, and because otherwise the coffee taste is too strong.

    Totally with you on the restaurants where you cook for yourself. It might be okay to try once for the novelty but it really doesn’t appeal to me … as you say defeats the purpose of going out for dinner!

  9. kirsty

    Lol, You have a way with words, I love it and FYI my xmas tree is still up, thankyou for making me feel ok with that hahahahaha

  10. Angela

    I didn’t know you had an abnormality in your right temporal lobe, although it isn’t exactly something that is relevant to our friendship or something you may bring up unless the subject comes up. I too hope that it never causes you to have a seizure though.

    I can only drink coffee if it is an iced coffee. I can’t stand the taste of it otherwise.

    I must confess though that I couldn’t wait to see the end of Christmas this year and the whole house was Christmas free by the end of boxing day.


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