10 thoughts on “The child who once slept

  1. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Sucks to hear it’s still an issue lovely – UGH – mine crash at night, but then again they are up at 5, have no day sleeps and I run them raggard. I hope you find an answer soon, especially for you, must be doing your head in 🙁 xx

  2. Kim@FallingFaceFirst

    MAN it must drive you so nuts. The worst part is that they’re so frigging cute when they’re finally asleep. Or is that the best part? I dunno. I’m tired. Tired tired tired. I think I’m a sleep dodger too. I hope you find a solution. x

  3. Dream House Trish

    Sleep deprivation certainly is a form of torture, I hope you get some respite soon. My little boy has a reaction to casein in milk, so a glass of milk before bed would actually hype him up rather then lull him into a sleeping slumber. He is on a casein free diet which has helped a bit, nothing miraculous though.

  4. Becc

    Sleep is a huge part of my wellness plan. I really do not cope well without it (some times not at all).
    I do not envy you in this respect.

  5. Alicia

    Mine don’t sleep during the day and haven’t for a long time. They sleep ok at night, every now and then one of them, or both, will have a doozy. Those mornings are hard to get going, and wonder how I would get by without coffee.


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