Toilet Roll Christmas Tree

Recently a friend shared this on their Facebook Page.  I have been saving toilet rolls for a while and was looking for something to do with them so a Christmas Tree seemed like a great idea!  I am in no way artistically inclined and I found it so easy so those who are a whole lot better at this stuff should find it a breeze!

What you will need:

  • Toilet rolls. – I had a heap to use up so I started with 10 across the bottom, which was 55.  Just change the starting number to how many rolls you can collect.  You could also chop up glad wrap etc rolls.
  • Green Paint
  • 1 string of tinsel
  • 1 small star
  • Small baubles – they are going to need to fit into the rolls so the smaller the better.
  • Roll of sticky tape – the more the better. I used so much sticky tape it wasn’t funny.  Like wrapping presents for a family of ten amount of sticky tape.
  • Paint brushes
I didn't have any green paint so I just mixed some blue and yellow together

I didn’t have any green paint so I just mixed some blue and yellow together

What you need to do:

1. Start by taping a line of rolls together.  I found that it was easier to do this with the rolls standing up for the first couple of lines.

The first row of toilet rolls. I taped them together at both ends.

The first row of toilet rolls. I taped them together at both ends.

2. In the crevice creating by taping the rolls together, tape another roll, starting the second row.  Continue this with each row until you have a triangle shape.

toilet roll triangle3. I found it was easier to only tape both ends in places where the rolls began to bulge.  This helped to keep the shake of the triangle.  I’d recommend doing this on your own, without the kids as it is a bit tedious and Mr 4 got bored pretty quickly.

toilet roll tree progress

4. Paint the outside sides of the toilet roll.  The picture I found paints the inside of the rolls as well but because I used tinsel, this wasn’t necessary.  However if you are using only baubles I would suggest painting the insides.  Wait for the paint to dry before attaching the decorations.

christmas tree painted

5. Endure at least an hour of ‘Is it dry yet’ from your over eager child.

6. Decorate your tree however you wish! I used tape to attach the tinsel so it hung from the tree.  I used a star from a mixed box of decorations that I got, attached it to a gold pipe cleaner and then taped it to the top of the tree.

christmas tree finishedMr 4 and I had so much funny decorating it, and it helped to stave off the desire to put the big tree up! If you have a few extra rolls you could also create a stump by taping 4 rolls together and painting them brown, then attaching them to the bottom of the tree.

Do you make Christmas crafts with your children? Do you have any traditions that you are creating with them?

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26 thoughts on “Toilet Roll Christmas Tree

    1. Tegan Post author

      Mr 4 loved decorating it! Although now he is itching to put up the big tree (we need a new one and mummy has got one yet!).

  1. Nina

    That’s a great idea and a lot of rolls . My word. Many years ago I had the idea of making toilet roll napkin rings . Got as far as tissue papering with glue to strengthen and shape and primed with white paint. still got . always wanted to have a market stall, my specialty & love making Heart shaped pillows 🙂

    1. Tegan Post author

      I am so not crafty at all lol. Yes we had been saving them up for a while. It may have started off as me being too lazy to put them in the bin and then I thought I may as well save them up to do craft stuff with Mr 4.

  2. Mystery Case

    Wow very creative but I have a thing about toilet rolls and they go straight in the bin. I’m sure I could buy some new from a craft store? but this is possibly beside the point.

    My latest One New Thing a Week Challenge is now up. You should pop over and link up this post and help me find some Christmas spirit while you are at it. I’m very close to calling the entire thing off this year.

    1. Tegan Post author

      You could probably buy them at spotlight or similar. You could also use the rolls from glad wrap, alfoil etc and just chop them up into smaller rolls.

    1. Tegan Post author

      You could make a smaller one which wouldn’t need as many rolls. Or you could use the rolls from glad wrap etc.

    1. Tegan Post author

      If you saw my other attempts at craft then you would know that it is definitely not too clever for you lol!

  3. Alicia

    I am sure our toilet rolls multiply when I am not looking, oh yeah, until there is no roll in the dunny. Then I notice all the empties in the basket. Looks awesome Tegan 🙂 ( I am sure the kids would shit me off at some stage of this process!)


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