Surprise Surprise

Welcome to another meeting of the minds that is The Lounge! Grad a drink, make yourself comfortable and share a tale.  This week we are looking for posts from the vault.  Our theme is ‘A post that surprised me’.  Maybe you wrote something that you weren’t totally in love with and it received a ton of comments.  Maybe you wrote about something that you thought you would never write about.  How you interpret it is up to you!

For you today I have a little story.  A story of surprise.  A story that those with sleep dodgers will empathise with.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who hated sleep. 

One day he decided to take himself off to bed at 8pm.

His mum was so surprised that she couldn’t sleep and stayed up until 3am..missing all of the glorious extra hours she could have gotten.

Murphy’s’s a bitch.

The End.


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5 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise

  1. Emily

    Oh yeah. It’s hard to sleep when you’re straining your ears for the smallest sound! And it’s always the SECOND you fall asleep that you’re jerked awake. That Murphy has a lot to answer for!

    My linked-up post was a surprise for two reasons. The content surprised me. And its popularity has surprised me. Low on comments, but it’s my second-most visited post EVER. (I would have linked the most popular, but it’s about garden gnomes being tax deductible. HUH?!)


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